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Google Pixel 9 and Pixel Watch 3: release date official

Google recently unveiled its technology calendar, announcing a Pixel event which, compared to previous years, arrives earlier on the schedule. This unexpected move shook the industry, accustomed to seeing new Google devices in the fall. The Mountain View company has decided to play in advance to present the perhaps to beat the competition or, more likely, to stem the increasingly frequent leaks of information. So here it is Google Pixel 9 release date e Google Watch 3.

When does Google Pixel 9 come out? And Pixel Watch 3?

Google Pixel 9 and Pixel Watch 3 will be released on August 13th, 2024. This is the final and official date announced by the Mountain View giant. The choice of venue is equally surprising. Goodbye New York, welcome California! Google headquarters will host the event, a change that could symbolize a return to the roots of innovation. Is it a subliminal message to competitors?

The invitations, which arrived unprecedentedly early, are promising news on Android, Pixels and artificial intelligence. The latter, now omnipresent, seems to be the true protagonist of the ongoing tech revolution. The question arises: will Google be able to keep up with giants like OpenAI and Microsoft?

Il Pixel 9 and the pixel watch 3 They are on the lips of all enthusiasts. The rumors speak of a possibility Pixel 9 ProL, which could directly challenge Samsung and Apple's "phablets". And what about the new smartwatch? With two sizes available, Google seems to want to please both those who prefer discretion and those who love to show off technology on their wrist.

But the real question is: will these new devices live up to expectations? In a market saturated with smartphones and wearables, theinnovation is the key. Google will have to demonstrate that it still has the technological edge that made it famous: who knows if it will succeed with theintegration of its artificial intelligence model owner instead of Google Assistant.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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