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Google follows Samsung: with iFixit it makes us repair the Pixels at home

News that happens to the bean that brings us Big G. Just today, in fact, we talked about the right to repair of devices in Europe. The European Community is doing everything, through specific laws, to ensure that technology companies give a support greater (both software and hardware) to devices purchased by users. Google seems to go a step further thanks to a collaboration with the well-known iFixit team. Let's see the details.

Google reaches an agreement with iFixit: how Samsung will provide everything necessary for the self-repair of Pixel smartphones. How cool is that!

In accordance to announced by Google itself, the repair of Pixel smartphones can be done from home. Of course, this doesn't apply to all Pixels… but after all, Rome wasn't conquered in a single day, was it? The company has collaborated with the iFixit team, a well-known online repair community, to provide official parts. The program will start running towards the end of the year and will target Google-branded smartphones starting with Pixel 2 up to the new Pixel 6 Pro

google pixel 4xl

To users is promised a "complete range" of components such as car's battery performance, cameras e . They can be purchased separately or together with the iFixit Fix Kits. The program will be launched in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries where Pixel smartphones are officially sold. This leads us to say that this Google x iFixit will also be available in Italy.

It should be remembered that Samsung announced that starting from the summer of 2022, owners of Galaxy devices will be able to repair the most popular models themselves: let's talk about smartphone of the Galaxy S20 and S21 families, as well as Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet. Users will have access to original parts, repair tools and detailed repair guides. Through this program, Samsung also collaborates with the iFixit team.

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