Google wants to simplify (and a lot) the transfer of eSIM

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The next Android 13 update is already under development. After releasing Android 13 QPR2 beta Mishaal Rahman found a future feature that would simplify the process of switching the eSIM from one smartphone to a new one. Google keeps improving Android step by step, adding some features to meet users' needs. Now let's see which it's Google's plan to digital SIMs.

eSIMs will be even easier to use. With a new process, it will be easier to transfer them from one device to another

eSIMs are the virtual replacement for traditional SIMs, but until now Android hasn't allowed them to be used very comfortably. To transfer an eSIM profile from one phone to another, we must first deactivate it on the old mobile, then activate it on the new one. It's not that the process is particularly difficult but it is not a simple solution and having to call the operator to activate the SIM again slows this change. Apple offers a solution to this problem: the Quick start function changes the SIM card (physical or virtual) from one iPhone to another without having to contact the provider.

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This is where enters Google to imagine one tool similar for its mobile operating system. According to Mishaal Rahman, a well-known Android publisher, we will soon be able to transfer an eSIM profile from an old Android to a new one. Not only that, Android will gain the ability to convert a physical SIM card into a virtual one. Luckily for other manufacturers, this new utility seems to be implemented in devices that support GMS (Google Mobile Services). We will see in the future if Samsung, Xiaomi or Oppo choose to include it.

Android doesn't want to fall behind and to do so it adapts to user requests . If eSIMs are here to stay, Google OS users will see a new need met.


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