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[GUIDE] Upgrade the Xiaomi Mi4i to the Multilanguage step by step

The Xiaomi Mi4i is the first device distributed by Xiaomi for a specific market different from the Chinese one. It is indeed the first Xiaomi device with Google Services pre-installed. Unfortunately, however, Italian is still not included among the languages ​​of the Stock ROM. This guide will be useful to all those who want to install theItalian on your Xiaomi Mi4i!


Xiaomi Mi4i


Install multilanguage on Xiaomi Mi4i | Premise

If you are not sure what you are doing, you can always ask for help below or through this link. Before you ask for a search on the Smartylife forum to see if your problem has already been found by someone and if a solution has already been given.

The guide is very simple, we will try to simplify the steps as much as possible by creating a package with everything you need. Now all that remains is to start! :)


Install multilanguage on Xiaomi Mi4i | First step

Below you will find the link to download the Recovery TWRP, to be absolutely installed because the MiRecovery which is installed by Xiaomi, blocks third-party firmware installations, including multilanguage, and you will find the link to the usual forum where to find the multilanguage, you'll also find the link to the last stable of these days (

TWRP: Click here

Multilanguage v. Stable: Click here. | Go to Explorer, then click on Mi4i, click on “Internal Storage” and copy the file, if you prefer you can also drag it.

Forum … eases.103/  | The first topic is equivalent to the last multilanguage.


Install multilanguage on Xiaomi Mi4i | Second step

To get started, download the package RecoveryTWRP, the file is in format RAR so if you do not already have it, download it WinRAR [Click here], unpack it by right clicking on the file and then "Extract files in RecoveryTWRP". You will then need to have these files.

Xiaomi Mi4i

Now holding down the key Shift or Shift, right-click on the empty space of the folder and then click on "Open Window"Command here.

Xiaomi Mi4i


Install multilanguage on Xiaomi Mi4i | Third step

It will open a black window, this is the DCM o Command Prompt, from now on CMD. Turn off the phone, take the USB cable and while you are connected to one USB port of the Computer, press the key Volume - (the one to lower the volume). You should see the script Fastboot with the Xiaomi. This is to understand.

Xiaomi Mi4i


Now go on DCM, and write this sentence: "Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" and press enter, this is what you should have after you press submit.

CAUTION!!! This step should be done several times as it may not be good for the first time !!!

Xiaomi Mi4i



Install multilanguage on Xiaomi Mi4i | Fourth step

If everything went well as in the photo, you can continue! Otherwise, try rewrite the sentence or ask for more information in the comments below.

Now, always write in DCM"fastboot reboot", And the device will restart normally.
Wait then turn on, go to the home and search for the "Tools"Which is usually on the front page, open it and then go to the app"Updater". If you ask to update and various things, select "Not Now", Click the menu button on the top right and select"Reboot to Recovery mode".

Xiaomi Mi4i Xiaomi Mi4i

Now you should see a screen with so many buttons, using the touch, select Wipe.
NB. If the screen you see is not the image below, probably the flash of recovery did not happen successfully. Repeat the guide from the 3 point forward.

Xiaomi Mi4i

Then appear another window, press the button down and slide it to the right. Now press the "Back"To go back, and select the button"install", Scroll through the file list, and go to select what you copied earlier, usually the last file, do the same as before with the button and wait until it finishes.

Xiaomi Mi4i

Xiaomi Mi4i Xiaomi Mi4i


Now press "Reboot Now"And wait for the first start (which would be the longest) and here's the multilanguage on your beloved Xiaomi Mi4i!







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