Guide: how to get Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi A1 without root or unlock BL

The presentation of Google Pixel and Pixel XL and later their sequels, has in a sense redefined the basics of mobile photography, because the experience provided by the photographic sector is defined really excellent especially from the software side that thanks to the HDR + mode and portrait mode expresses its excellence.

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La developer community has immediately put to work churning out a series of modified APKs able to work on various devices in a more or less satisfying way, giving new freshness to devices even now defined as dated. Naturally, the installation operation included especially for Xiaomi devices, the unlocking the bootloader and installing one recovery TWRP, enabling the ROOT on your terminal, if applicable edit the build.prop file for enabling the CAM2API and then installing the modified APK.

in short a procedure not entirely within reach for the least freak that so they often gave up the installation of the Google Camera on their smartphones. However, Xiaomi Mi A1 owners have a further possibility that will allow them to try out the Google Camera experience and related features on your device without having to unlock the Bootloader nor to enable ROOT.

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This method also it does not affect Google Safety by allowing you to continue installing official OTA updates on your Xiaomi Mi A1. I state that I personally could not test the actual operation of the methods that I am presenting, as I am no longer owner of Mi A1, but doing some research on the network the responses of the case seem to be all positive.



First you need to go to the address shown below to download the file in zip format that will serve our mission, directly from the PC.


Once you have downloaded the file you need to unzip it.


Make sure that Developer Options are enabled on your Mi A1, through which you will need to enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.


Connect your Mi A1 to the PC via the supplied USB cable at this point.


Go to the previously unzipped folder on your PC and start the GCam Mi A1.exe file contained inside as Administrator.

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From the window that will open install the drivers first and then click on Install GCam.


If the USB AX debug confirmation request appears on your Mi A1, OK.

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At this point the program will do everything automatically, starting the device in fastboot and then in TWRP, finally restarting the A1.

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The best settings for the Google Camera are to enable the Portrait Mode, Use ZSL and HDR + image quality to 100%, through the advanced options found in the setting of the Google Camera app that will work perfectly except for the SLOW MOTION function . It is advisable to also enable the entries Improve photos low light and Show dirty lens warning. Let us know in the comments if the guide was useful.

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  • Ok now there are waiting to do the same for Mi6 and MiMix

  • andreas home

    did someone do it?

  • LUCA_MT7, S6, MiA1

    Has anyone done it?

  • Andrew

    I tried, but after consenting enabled the OEM unlock, debugging and installing the fastboot, installed the drivers from the screen with the tool, the Mi a1 does not restart as described in the description and trying to perform the second step (install the google camera), tells me installation done but there is nothing in the phone. What can you depend on?

    • LUCA_MT7, S6, MiA1

      I do not know, in my opinion the editors should try to do it and post a video about it. Some comments both here and on Facebook did not succeed

      • Emanuele Iafulla

        Luca, you probably are not careful, because the first to say that he had failed in the installation was the user Andrea who wrote both here and on Facebook. Andrea then succeeded because he did not perform the procedure in the right way.

    • Alessandro Segurini

      The same thing has just happened to me ... I do but you do not restart and there's nothing

  • Calogero Mogavero

    perfect, finally successful installation, it works

    • Emanuele Iafulla

      great, it's always nice to know that something works

    • Peppe71

      I apologize but the menu of the google camera in A1 me and the settings are in Italian or English? . I would like to try and put the google camera.

      • Calogero Mogavero

        Yes I did the settings in Italian and after the last OTA, the google camera remained perfect.

        • Peppe71

          Thank you so much. One last thing. They say the front cam has problems because you see it on the contrary? It is written in the forum. But is not it?

          • Calogero Mogavero

            The front one is working well too, I can not tell you anything else

          • Peppe71

            Thanks so much. Very nice.

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  • lonewolf1061

    hello, I tried to do the installation with this method and after a first time the application crashed, the second attempt went well and is working perfectly ...

    • Emanuele Iafulla

      great ... I'm glad you did

  • Augusto Schimera

    ok the automatic passage in fastboot and then in TWRP, but nothing new appears on reboot. The maximum would be if you were doing a video of 2 minutes ...

  • Girolamo Pagano

    I tried to install it but after confirming as in the 7 point in the phone I open a screen and stay there, it does not go forward, not knowing what to do to go on I limited myself to turn it off and I left alone. Can you help me?

  • Giovanni Santaniello

    I used the tools. After installing the drivers, launching the GCAM installation, the Fastboot started and then the TWRP. At this point he stopped on UNMODIFIED SYSTE PARTITION and asked "Keep system read only?" Here I made the mistake of doing SWIPE to allow as I had seen in a video on youtube instead of letting the tool do everything. As a result, TEAM WIN RECOVERY PROJECT appeared to me and did not go any further. I then clicked on REBOOT and restarted Android but the GCAM crashes. I have re-launched the same tool several times but the GCAM I find it installed (106 Mb 5.1.018,177470874 version) but it does not open. Can someone help me understand how I can fix it? A doubt: How do I know if the device has remained root? Thank you!!!

    It was enough to change the drive: installing the 1.3 in place of the 1.4.3 and reinstalling the GCam

  • Davide Orrù

    is it possible to install it following this procedure on redmi 5 plus with rom global?

  • Simone Benelle

    Hi, I did everything that is written in the guide, but the phone always hangs on the fastboot screen. I have disabled any security block but nothing. Then, believing that I was the one to make something wrong, I decided to reset the phone and activate it without any security lock, taking the data from the last backup done before the restore, but nothing. It keeps getting stuck on the fastboot screen and not by signs of life. Can someone help me?

  • CyberHawk Ad Miral

    It works but the bootloader is unlocked .. normal? do you have to re-lock it? I see a nagscreen when I turn it on ...

  • Saverio Sinigaglia

    I tried and it works! I first installed the vers. 1.4.3 of the drivers but, after installing GCAM the app always crashed. Then I reinstalled the drivers, vers. 1.3, and reinstalled the app. Now works.

  • Giangi2392

    android oreo with patch February 2018, worked perfectly even without removing sequence pin and / or footprint. thank you

  • Fabiano

    I do not see the USB debug confirmation window OK.

  • Fabiano

    unlock oem ok, usb debugging ok,

  • Fuccio

    I do not work, installed before the 1.4 drivers does not appear the pop up on the phone, uninstalled and installed 1.3 works but remains locked on unlocking fastboot, after leaving it for a long time I re-started with the power button, the gcam is installed but crasha, tried again to run but always stuck on fastboot and the result does not change ... do you know what the problem might be?

    • Fuccio

      Problem solved, I write as that maybe it can be useful, in practice windows did not enable the fastboot drivers, then installed the apk but not doing the procedure in twr and obviously crashed.

      then install the drivers and everything from the tool, then turn off the phone and start it manually in fastboot, vol - and power, then connect to the PC, open a pront and type fastboot devices if an alphanumeric string does not appear to mean any drivers, then go up management devices will appear an unknown android devices, right-click update driver and choose it manually in the PC, then click on choose it from a list, I had it as first choice, android (I do not remember the specific name), select it and go ahead and at this point should acknowledge, again from start the command and this time it should appear the string, if you then restart the phone normally, start the tool connect the phone and install the gcam, and it should be all right.

      • Giamby Paris

        I tried them all, install them but crashes, I see the string.
        When I play games, everything stops in the twr and I have to manually restart if someone's advice is welcome, thanks

    • wines

      Could you please kindly tell me how to uninstall 1.4 drivers? Thank you

      • Fuccio

        from the control panel, uninstall programs, find it there, the name does not remember and I do not have the pc with win 10 at hand, but if you scroll the list is quite recognizable

        • wines

          Thank you.

  • alex

    hello sorry, I was trying to install the gcam and the phone is on the fastbbot screen for about ten minutes ... how long should it last ??? not being practical I'm pretty scaring 🙂 if you tell me it's stuck, I will reboot ... I have to press power for a few seconds and that's it? or vol- and power? thanks1000 eh

  • Mario Alkatraz Bove

    guys I have a little problem the camera works perfectly just that if I want to activate slow motion crashes me, has anyone had the same problem? if you have resolved, thank you in advance who will give me some suggestions or help.

    • Emanuele Iafulla

      almost all moddate GCAMs have this problem. The cases in which slow motion is working are rare.

    • Dalfi

      I think it's a common problem for those installing without root. Try searching on Google for a more recent guide

  • Davide Meinino

    Does anyone know if there are already the recommended settings for newer versions?

  • Giuseppe

    Hello while having downloaded the 1.3 version, as soon as I go to install the 1.4.3 tells me "can not find the file", basically opens the blue screen where I agree to install the various things with "y" and then tells me so. Please look for someone who knows how to answer me desperately. I'm trying in all ways with various tutorials but nothing, always the same problem.

  • Antonio Tortorella

    I wanted to ask if the warranty is void after installing it with this procedure

  • Alessandro Segurini

    I did it by installing the 1.3 drivers instead of 1.4.3
    Let's see how it works now ....

  • Eugenio

    I just ran it all on Mi A1 and it works perfectly! Thanks so much ! 🙂 - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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