Guide: How to install the Google Camera Mod HDR + on all (or almost) Xiaomi devices

Hello to all friends, today in this guide we explain how you can install the Google Camera in mod version with HDR + function, to get really quality photos on all your Xiaomi devices. In reality, the guide is applicable to any smartphone with the peculiarity of having the permissions of Root on your terminal but in particular on Xiaomi devices unlocking the bootloader is required as well as having a TWRP recovery. Probably on some device this guide will not work while on many others, such as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and before you think about the fact that the guide is badly implemented I make a premise.

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google room

The Google Camera app was created for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones and therefore in theory compatibility is given only for here two devices, but the modders of the staff of XDA Developers they managed to transfer this application to other devices equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor. So your device must be equipped with this processor and as an example I am attaching a photo with the CPUs potentially compatible with the Google Camera mod HDR +.

google room

Also your device must have a operating system to 64 bit and apparently have at least the OS 7.0 Nougat version. In fact, personally on my Xiaomi Redmi 3S I could not make the modified apk work while on the Mi 5X and Mi Max 2 I had no problems whatsoever. Having said that, we pass directly to the guide:


Download SuperSu by clicking on the button below and then insert the file in the smartphone's internal memory (you can actually use Magisk as well)



Restart the device in recovery mode


Click on Install and choose the file you just downloaded


Now swipe to confirm the SuperSu flash


At this point click on the Reboot System entry


Once the smartphone has restarted, go to the Play Store and download the BuildProp Editor application (in fact, you only need a file manager that allows access to the system files)


Launch the BuildProp Editor application and grant Root permissions via SuperSu


You will find a window with a series of strings belonging to the build.prop file


Click on the pencil symbol in the upper right so you can edit the file


Scroll to the last line by clicking on the empty space


Now you have to write the following string: = 1


Now click on the floppy disk symbol at the top right to save your work by choosing the Save & Exit option


At this point, restart the phone


At this point you can download the modified app of the Google Camera choosing among the many proposals offered even if I personally recommend three versions from which you can download through the buttons below, or choose the one that best suits your device

GCam Arnova




Now you are ready to use the Google Camera moddata choosing the parameters that most suit your tastes for both photos and videos. Done this to apply the options you have to close the application and then reopen it.

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you actually find benefit from the application for both photos and videos.

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  • Lello

    The guide would be perfect if it were not that the front room works in reverse.
    To better understand the image is upside down and as a result the photo are taken in the opposite direction.
    The problem is also reflected on the stock room.
    I solved for the latter by deleting the string.
    While I had to uninstall the gcam.
    MI 5 with global weekly rom.
    Thanks to those who will answer me.

    • LUCA_MT7, S6, MiA1

      You solved?

      • Lello

        Yes I solved.

        • Fei99

          hello, I have a mi5 too, you tell me what you put in gcam and if everything is ok, thanks!

        • Mirko Ricci

          Hi how did you solve it?

  • Cristian Martina

    On MIUI.IT and MIUI.EU do you have to change the string in build.prop or has it already been done?

  • Stefano P

    change that of mi3 so do not sipuò?

    • Emanuele Iafulla

      The 3 Mi has a CPU Snapdragon 800 fifth you can theoretically do that, but you have to find the right camera moddata for your device. You must patiently find the one that's right for you.

  • Elia Piccagli

    Hello everyone ... when I use the front camera the image is on the contrary so I ask can I do to set the front camera so I can see normally? Thanks to all

    • Emanuele Iafulla

      what smartphone model do you have? - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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