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[GUIDE] Convert Zuk Z1 from ZUK UI to Cm 12.1

You have purchased Zuk z1 and came with it Zuk UI !?! No Problem, with this guide you will succeed in Converting Zuk Z1 da Zuk UI a CyanogenMod 12.1. For the guide I have also prepared a tool which will simplify your work exponentially. So let's go right away and head straight to the guide.




Requirements Required Preinstallation


  • Zuk z1 obviously :-);
  • Functional Drivers Adb;
  • Bootloader unlocked;
  • SmartyTool



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How to Install Adb Driver.

We first need to install i driver you find them HERE, you just need to download the package and launch the .exe which will allow you to install all the drivers you need in the good that you do not say. By doing this we can proceed we now need to enable the debug usb.

If you have problems with these drivers you can safely install the universal driver ADBs that you find HERE


Enable Debug Usb.

Get in the Settings / About come here to kill multiple times on the version Zuk UI after 7-8 tap you will have the so-called "Developer Options"You will always find them in the settings in" Advanced Settings". Enable the debug usb , allow mock rentals e unlock oem (bootloader) which will serve us later


Check driver.

We can now check if i driver work. We need to Fastboot and adb , I have prepared a tool you find HERE. Download unzip the folder and now launch it SmartyTool.bat found inside the folder, connect the device to the PC, most likely when you connect it, on the display of the Zuk will appear debug request always agree. Turn now to tool select the number to test the drivers in this case 5 and you sendingWatch out for debug Usb may still appear in this case, so be careful what's on the display of the Zuk, the finalization of the Adb driver it's a very delicate thing, if you have problems help with google. After the launch of the previous command you will need to see something like this.



Unlocking the bootloader.

If you have done everything for good, you can switch to the unlock bootloader, if you have already done the unlocking procedure bootloader you do not need to re-run it. Come back in SmartyTool or if you have closed it, please re-enter it, enter it and submit it for the reboot number bootloader, Once this is done, enter the number for the unlock bootloader and you sending.

If the procedure ends with OK you can proceed with installing the Recovery.


We are building recovery.

Always through my SmartyTool select the installation number for the recovery and send date, wait now the device will reboot later 10–15 seconds in recovery.


We are installing CyanogenMod Rom

Thanks to the previous operation you are already in recovery so we do not have to go in by hand, to finish and install the rom you just have to download it Cm 12.1 da HERE go to Cyanogen zip \ Signed and download this version and insert it in the folder of the SmartyTool then it will be enough to run the first wipe data / factory reset (will delete the data as your app will not touch the music photos etc.) then select it Apply update / Apply from ADB


IMG_20151031_100909 IMG_20151031_100945 IMG_20151031_100952


That's when you reopen it SmartyTool and give the 4 command to install the Cm 12.1. Wait for installing the rom you will want 60 -70 minutes.




You have succeeded in converting Zuk Z1 At the end of the installation reboot, wait for it to perform the first boot which will therefore be longer and at startup you will find yourself with Cm 12.1 installed and fully functional.

Regards Manuel Bianco

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