Help: no more waiting to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader

WARNING: The procedure does not always seem to work. Someone has succeeded and some have not ... in any case, try not to hurt!

Too many times I read about the various Facebook groups or at least in the network of people who are impatient in waiting for unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi devices, which currently has a time for checking the account that varies from 72 to 360 hours... well 15 days before you can change your smartphone at will. A time too long for the freak soul that is within us and then many have wondered how to bypass this long wait, if there is a solution. Taking advantage of a small flaw (which could soon be resolved) is possible trick the system and so in less than 5 minutes you can unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi smartphone.


First of all what you will need is to have two Accounts and then two email addresses that will be used to carry out the procedure to unlock the bootloader. Moreover, I would like to point out that the only way to successfully complete the procedure is to use a previous version of the Mi Unlock unlocking tool, since in the latest version Xiaomi has already corrected the flaw. So we do not hide that probably even on previous Xiaomi versions can release a fix, but try not to hurt.

DOWNLOAD MI UNLOCK 2.2.624.14 (recommended)


We remind you that the Xiaomitoday.it team is free from any damage and / or brick due to modding operations performed on your terminal.


First of all, it is necessary enable the Developer Options on your device (7 sometimes tap on the MIUI version from the phone information menu) and then click on the item State Mi Unlock and still Add account and device (in some cases you may need a VPN with Chinese servers).

Help: no more waiting to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader


Remember, first of all to enable the USB DEBUG on the device, then turn off the smartphone and start it in Fastboot mode using the on / off key and Volume - (at the same time).


Start the Mi Unlock tool and connect the smartphone to the computer via the USB data cable. From the tool screen click on Accept and then on Unlock.


Now the unlocking process will start, which will fail to arrive at the 99% displaying the annoying message with waiting hours.


At this point, unplug your smartphone and restart it. Unplug your device and restart it.


Once the device has restarted, disconnect from the Mi Account previously entered on the smartphone, create a new one and then connect the device to this new Account.


Now repeat the initial procedure, the one related to the Options Developer-Stao Mi Unlock-Add account and device.


done this restart the phone in Fastboot mode and repeat the procedure to unlock the bootloader reminding you to log in with the second account.

Done! Now you should have in your hands a Xiaomi device with bootloader unlocked without waiting for 360 hours and then ready to modding.
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