[GUIDE] Root of an Android device with Framaroot

Today I have decided to write a guide for those of you who may be eager to root your device (to install a MIUI port but not only ...) and who, with no desire, time or specific skills, are not able to do this operation with "traditional" procedures.

A senior member of the XDA forum, alephzain, has created a fantastic application named Framaroot, which, once installed will allow you with a simple click to root your smartphone directly from the phone, without using a PC, terminal commands or complicated procedures!

As already mentioned, internet pullula of guides explaining how to get root privileges on many devices, but Framaroot is definitely the most immediate and versatile at all.

To do everything logically you must have it enabled in your Android device settings in the "Safety", the voice "Unknown origin"Which will allow you to install third-party APKs.

Framaroot is able to obtain root privileges on SoC Omap 3, Exynos 4, Qualcomm and Mediatek (including the Xiaomi HongMi)


The use is very simple, when starting the application will welcome you with one of the following 2 messages:

  1. A popup that says "Your device seems vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot", unfortunately your device cannot be unlocked via Framaroot!
  2. One or more exploit names are shown.

If you go back in this second case, click on the first exploit displayed, then the program will return one of the following messages:

  1. "Success ……… .." -> Congratulations, you have obtained the privileges of Root!
  2. "Failed ..........." -> Unfortunately the exploit didn't work, move on to the next exploit.

As usual I leave all the necessary links:

[button-green position = "center" url = "http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2423136&d=1385779545" target = "_ blank" position = "left"] Download Framaroot [/ button -green]

[button-green position = "center" url = "http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276" target = "_ blank" position = "left"] Link Discussion XDA [/ button- green]

NB: The guide has been entirely written and tested by me, but the author of the following guide does not take any responsibility for the possible problems encountered in the execution of this guide. We recommend that you perform these operations with extreme caution and always make a backup of your data before starting it!

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