[GUIDE] Root + Recovery + Installation MIUI V5 in Italian Samsung Galaxy SII (I9100)

Hello everybody,
below the step-by-step guide to install the rom miui v5 for Samsung Galaxy SII (I9100)


-Samsug kies installed (for drivers) [download]

- Odin [download]

- Kernel siyah (the best for miui roms) [download] download the Tar format.


Installation Recovery and root permissions:

"The main advantage of root privileges is that of being able to access in writing (thus creating, modifying and deleting) the contents of all the folders of the operating system, otherwise inaccessible in the basic configurations."

  • Download and load on the phone's memory ROM and ITALIAN PACK.
  • install Samsung kies and then uninstall it by leaving samsung drivers or blocking the kies process from task manager.
  • extract and start Odin.
  • Put in download mode the phone (how to do it? from phone off press vol - home button and power button).

download mode s2

  • after which confirm with vol +


  • Connect the Galaxy S2 to your PC via USB cable.
  • If the phone will be recognized by odin the box ID: COM it will light up yellow (if not, try to change the door or restart the PC).
  • odin1-connectionClick on the PDA field and select the file .tar of the downloaded kernel.


  • Start the installation procedure by clicking on Start button without touching the other odin settings.
  • After a few minutes the procedure will be completed and the phone will restart by itself so that nothing is touched during the operation.
  • After the operation is completed, to enter Recovery Mode, by phone off, press the keysVOLUME UP + HOME + POWER KEY.


  • moving with the onscreen keys to perform a wipe (data factory reset + cache)
  • Install the ROM by pressing on install zip from sdcard, choose choose zip from internal sd-card if the roms are in internal memory choose choose zip from sd-card if they are in an external sd
  • Install Italian Recovery Packs with the same method
  • Restart the phone
  • Have fun!


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Marco Rome

Hi and compliments for the guide. I'm trying to install MIUI on Samsung I9100. Which ROM should I download from those on the Nexus-Lab site? Not specified in the guide ... Thank you!

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