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GUIDE | Install the WIUI on a Xiaomi Mi2s

We've talked to you so many times about Xiaomi, the Chinese company, known for the top devices it presents and for far lower prices than the top European.

Today we explain how to install on a Mi2s the Wiui, a rom identical to the original Miui, but with various tweaks that allow for longer battery life and greater power than the entire system, as well as various tweaks that enhance the rendering and focus of the camera, as well as the audio of the speaker and the fluency of the animations.


Let's start right away with the guide:


  1. One Xiaomi Mi2s
  2. Recovery other than that stock (not mandatory we will see how to install it without recovery)
  3. Wiui installation file

Recovery Installation:

  1. You have to have the phone with a percentage charge higher than 70% for a proper installation
  2. We install CWM recovery following our guide HERE
  3. Load the WIUI installation file, which you will download from this page, on the internal memory of the device
  4. Restart in Recovery by holding down Volume Up and Power Button until we see the MI logo
  5. We install the file by selecting it from the root of the device by selecting which system you want to install the wiui
  6. Let's restart and we could enjoy the Wiui and all its power!


Installation without Recovery, via Miui Updater:

  1. We will find an app called "updater" installed on our device to make weekly system updates.
  2. We download the Wiui Wii from THIS page
  3. Rename the downloaded file in
  4. Place it on the device memory
  5. We open the Updater app
  6. Option key (to mean the "physical" key of the device at the bottom left)
  7. Select "Select installation package"
  8. We choose the file that we renamed in and select update and install now
  9. As soon as the installation procedure ends, the phone will restart in the newly installed version, namely WIUI

NB: We tested the guidance on a Xiaomi Mi2s from 32gb with installed MIUI 3.12.20 version.
The installed WIUI version was 3.12.13 so to avoid Force Six episodes we preferred to make a Wipe Data / Cache to fully enjoy WIUI potential.



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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