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GUIDE | Fix some bugs and install the Play Store on the MiPad

Finally came out the MiPad and we at Smartylife are delighted to have this fantastic jewel available on ours for a few days now Shop.

But like all the "new releases", Mipad also has some bugs that will definitely be resolved with the upcoming releases; but we see how to solve it in a simple way so that you can use this power concentrator to the fullest!

The MiPad, as a bug of the system, has some annoying "force close" in the settings or the home.

In order to solve these small bugs it will be necessary to perform a "clean" installation of the Roma through the recovery stock.

Let's see how to proceed:

  1. Turn off the MiPad to get into recovery mode
  2. We enter recovery by simultaneously pressing the power button and volume up
  3. We keep a Wipe Cache and Data
  4. We download the multilanguage rom in order to have the root, from
  5. Let's put the newly downloaded rom inside the main MiPad folder and rename it in
  6. Let's restart recovery
  7. We get on: Install
  8. We confirm and wait for the system to be installed

With this method we will have a clean installation of the system avoiding having bugs and other nasty surprises.


Let's go ahead now, explaining how to install the Google Play Store if your MiPad was down:

  1. We open the Xiaomi Market
  2. We look for "GOOGLE"
  3. We download and install Eric Xiang's Google Installer
  4. Once installed, open the app and select Google Play
  5. Done! We've installed the Play Store on our MiPad

NB: If your Google Play Store has a restart or forced shutdown problem you just need to uninstall it and download Vending.apk from Google and install it.

In the upcoming versions of Multilanguage Rom we should find the Italian language, at the moment not present, but the Google Play Store is already included.


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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