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Halo Knight H02 Electric Bike at €839 fast shipping included!

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric bicycles, the Halo Knight H02 stands out as one of the most intriguing and high-performance options available on the market. This article will explore in detail the features that make the Halo Knight H02 an excellent choice for those looking for an electric bicycle capable of combining innovation, style and performance: 750 W brushless motor, 48 V 16 Ah battery, 29 x 2,1 inch tires, maximum speed 50 km/h, maximum autonomy 60 km, Shimano 21 speed, Mechanical disc brake – Black

Halo Knight H02


Design and Construction

The Halo Knight H02 features a modern and attractive design, perfect for those who want a means of transport that does not go unnoticed. The frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which guarantees strength and lightness, allowing exceptional handling. The ergonomic design of the frame ensures a comfortable riding posture, reducing fatigue even during longer journeys.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Halo Knight H02 lies a powerful 750W brushless motor, capable of offering rapid acceleration and an impressive top speed, ideal for those who need to cover urban distances quickly. This engine is supported by a 48V 16Ah lithium ion battery, which guarantees a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, depending on the conditions of use and the level of assistance chosen.

Pedaling Assistance System

The bike is equipped with an advanced pedal assistance system (PAS), which offers five levels of assistance, allowing the cyclist to choose the intensity of motorized assistance. This system makes the Halo Knight H02 suitable for a wide range of users, from urban commuters to cycling enthusiasts who want to tackle more challenging routes with ease.

Safety and Comfort

Safety is a priority in the design of the Halo Knight H02. The bike is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, which guarantee powerful and precise braking in all conditions. Additionally, front and rear LED lights ensure optimal visibility when driving at night or in low light conditions.

For maximum comfort, the Halo Knight H02 is equipped with a front suspension fork that effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations from the ground. The ergonomic and adjustable saddle offers a further guarantee of comfort while riding.

Intelligent Connectivity and Features

One of the most innovative features of the Halo Knight H02 is its intelligent connectivity. The bike features a multifunctional LCD display that shows crucial information such as speed, distance travelled, battery level and selected assistance level. This display is easily readable even in bright light conditions, ensuring that the cyclist always has trip data under control.


La Hello Knight H02 represents a perfect combination of advanced technology, excellent performance and attractive design. Whether you're looking for efficient transportation for your daily commute or a versatile bike for your outdoor adventures, the Halo Knight H02 offers everything you need and more. With its extended range, powerful motor and smart features, this electric bike is ready to revolutionize the way you move.


Halo Knight H02 Electric Bike

839€ 1199€
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GeneralBrand: Halo Knight
Type: electric bike
Model: H02
Color: black
Small PartsFrame material: aluminum alloy
Tire: 29 * 2,1 inch
Battery: 48 V 16 Ah lithium Removable charger
: 48V 2A * 1
Motor Power: 48V 750W
Peak brushless torque: 60 Nm
Controller: 48V 18A
Display: LCD screen Transmission: Brake
21-speed Shimano
System: Front and rear disc brakes
Front suspension: Spring suspension
Rear suspension: No
Front fork: Iron aluminum, with lock
Light: Front and rear lights
Recommended speed: 25 km/h (15,5 mph)
Fenders: All-terrain front and rear fenders
Maximum speed: 45 km/h (E mode), 50 km/h (PAS mode) (actual distance may vary depending on conditions)
Maximum range: 40-50km (electric), 50-60km (PAS)
Climbing ability: Maximum load about 40 degrees
Approx: 150kg (approximately 330lbs)
Recommended rider height: 5,2 (feet) – 6,8 (feet)   
Charging time: 6 hours
Waterproof rating: IP54
Operating temperature: -20°~50°
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 27 kg
Package weight: 34 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 184 x 65 x 110cm
Pack size (L x W x H): 144 x 25 x 85cm
Package Contents1 electric bike,
1 charger,
1 user manual
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