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Hcalory HY-HG-01 the self-heating gloves for those who want the tropics even in winter!

There are categories of people who objectively need to have warm hands, for example motorcyclists, skiers, or simply those who suffer particularly from the winter cold (I belong to the latter category). Today we present a pair of padded and self-heating gloves perfect for all these people: the Hcalory HY-HG-01

Hcalory HY-HG-01

In the package you will find:

  • Pair of Hcalory gloves
  • 2 Lithium batteries of 3200mha each
  • Dual charger (charges both batteries simultaneously) 8.4V / 1.5A
  • Convenient laundry bag
  • Instruction booklet (including Italian language)
Hcalory HY-HG-01

Operation is very simple: just connect the battery to the connector found in the pocket located at the base of the gloves, inside, insert it in the pocket and close the zip.

At this point you will be ready to activate the heating of the gloves, just click on the button that you will always find on the outside of the gloves. Here you will also have LEDs that will indicate the remaining battery charge and the intensity of the heat given off. As for the battery you will find 4 LEDs which will indicate in order: charge 100% - 75% - 50% - 25% while for heat intensity there are 3 LEDs which are of course the 3 gradations that you can set or 45°- 55°-65°. To turn the heating on and off, you will have to press and hold the power button, to switch between the various temperatures, just click once.

Hcalory HY-HG-01

The Hcalory HY-HG-01 gloves also have two "tightening" systems to obtain maximum comfort. On the top there is a strap that can be adjusted to make them more adherent to the back of the hand in the wrist area and below we have a cord closure which, when tightened, will prevent air from entering. This I suggest you close it over the jacket. The inner part is very comfortable, covered with non-slip material that will give you an excellent grip if you use them for the bike. They are also compatible with the touch screen of your smartphone!

The gloves are padded, comfortable and already warm and activate the automatic heating. Unless you're in hypothermia, I don't recommend the maximum intensity because it really almost burns and even becomes annoying. If you use them for riding a motorbike, I think 55° (level 2) are more than enough, if instead you simply use them for being outdoors, even 45° will be fine. But where do the gloves warm? On the fingers (mainly) and on the back, but the feeling of warmth will spread pleasantly throughout the hand. How long does it take to heat up? Poco, in about 3/4 minutes they will reach the set temperature.

On the back, just under the fingers, you will find an additional pocket closed with a zip that will allow you to carry money, credit cards, driving licence, etc.

As for the autonomy it will vary according to the selected temperature and we go from a maximum of 6 hours to a minimum of 3.5 hours if maximum power is used. The complete recharge of the batteries takes about 6 hours, for the first recharge it is recommended to do a cycle of 12 hours.

As far as washing is concerned, it is naturally mandatory to remove the batteries, removal recommended even in the event of prolonged non-use. Hand washing is recommended, for washing in the washing machine insert them in the bag provided.

Although there are no "official" data on the degree of impermeability to water, we can confirm that they are given for waterproof and therefore usable even in the event of rain.


These gloves have absolutely convinced me, I find them the perfect solution for motorcyclists, also excellent for those who go skiing. Comfortable, padded, polyester and cotton, excellent grip, self-heating, excellent autonomy, adjustable with fastening straps, small pocket for documents, in short, they really have everything a product of this kind needs.

But let's get to the price, one of the fundamental points for deciding whether to buy or not.. they cost around €90 in the list but thanks to GOOD BANG (which we thank for sending the sample) and the discount code you can take home with a crazy discount directly from their partner seller present on AMAZON PRIME!

So we just have to wish you good shopping!

Hcalory self-heating gloves, up to 65°

59€ 90€
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Hcalory self-heating gloves, up to 65°

64€ 90€
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