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Here is the alleged Xiaomi Mi4 again!

Stolen photos are constantly accompanying the launch of new Xiaomi devices, but they are usually fake photomontage. This time it may be different.

A new image of the alleged Xiaomi Mi4 is touring China. The image seems taken inside the factory that is hosting the testing phase of this new smartphone, but what is surprising is that the design is the same as the previous photo spy, which could mean that the images are real.

The photo suggests that the Xiaomi Mi4 would also be available in white, had very narrow side corners at the sides of the display, and that Xiaomi would again choose the capacitive keys instead of the software keys.

The other visible features are the classic Mi logo in the upper left corner, the speaker grill, the light sensor and the front camera.

Xiaomi Mi4

The previous rumors about the technical specifications of the smartphone spoke of 4G LTE connectivity, a processor that could be the Snapdragon 801 / 805 or maybe the Tegra K1 of Nvidia, 3GB of RAM and a camera from 16 mega-pixel. The presumed shots of the Xiaomi Mi4 are available by following this link.

If this were the real design of the next top Xiaomi range, would you like it? Are you interested in purchasing?



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