Here is the launch date of Redmi K40 and on that occasion we could witness the debut of a remake of Xiaomi Mi 10

Are you tired of the rumors about the new Xiaomi Mi 11 and older brother Mi 11 Pro? Well you are satisfied because the leak that appeared in these hours speak of the now former top of the range Mi 10, launched last year and which in this 2021 could return to the fore, considering that a new variant equipped with the talked about processor is planned for him new generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 870.

To communicate it is the known @DigitalChatStation that on his social profile Weibo has published a post, anticipating the news of the official return of the Xiaomi Mi 10. A move that could make the happiness of many users interested in the design of the amazing former flagship and who basically do not count on the very high performance of high processors end, also because on several occasions the medium-high-end SoCs have shown that they can cope with any situation, even the most stressful.

Here is the launch date of Redmi K40 and on that occasion we could witness the debut of a remake of Xiaomi Mi 10

In fact, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 CPU is a processor based on a 7nm production process that includes the new Kryo 585 octa-core structure which consists of a 3,2 GHz core, 3 2,4 GHz cores and 4 additional cores. 1,8 GHz. Certainly there is no lack of power to the SD870 that we could practically compare it to a Snapdragon 865+. The Motorola Edge S will be the first smartphone to arrive on the market with this CPU solution, whose debut is scheduled for January 26th.

A processor that is tempting to many manufacturers, so much so that OPPO, OnePlus, iQOO and Redmi itself for its K40 already have some solutions in mind that will boast the Snapdragon 870. About Redmi K40, the new device of the company spin off of Xiaomi it seems that it will debut on February 17, naturally in China, and on this occasion the same Xiaomi could give life to the remake of Mi 10.

If so, which one would you choose between Redmi K40 and Xiaomi Mi 10? Well, I think whatever the choice is, it will be the best you can make in early 2021.

redmi k40

In any case, in the photo above, the alleged specifications of the new variant of Mi 10 appear, or codenamed THYME, equipped with an AMOLED display with an optically stabilized 108 MP camera, whose sensor is a Samsung S5KHMX, to which optics are added ultra wide, deep and macro. NFC support and 4780 mAh battery, but of course we are waiting at least for the company to speak out, unless it wants to surprise us at the launch of Redmi K40.

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