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HiMo H1 is Xiaomi's “pocket” e-bike available now on Indiegogo

Some time ago we snatched a smile from many of you by announcing the landing of Youpin on Indiegogo. This means, in a nutshell, that some of the products that we usually advertise could arrive via the western crowdfunding platform. We have had proof of this with WalkingPad R1 Pro e Oclean and Black Shark Ophidian headphones. For some days, however, the catalog has expanded, although not with Youpin products. To arrive on the well-known crowdfunding platform this time is a Xiaomi sub-brand that deals with the design of bikes and electric scooters: it's about Himo with its new one HiMo H1.

A super portable and light bike arrives on the Indiegogo platform: it is the HiMo H1

Himo's inventory already includes several products including electric bicycles and scooters driven by renewable energy. This HiMo H1 however it is different from any product that we can find in circulation: in fact, thanks to a series of "articulated pipes", it can be folded back on itself to reach the dimensions of an A3 sheet.

The success of this e-bike is not new to Xiaomi and maybe that's why he decided to propose it on a platform outside of China. In fact, already last year, the H1 was blockbuster on Youpin. But what are the reasons that led to such success? Definitely the compactness of this unique product. As we anticipated, the e-bike is foldable on itself making it the ideal travel companion. The measures (open) are 840 x 485 x 955 mm while when closed they become 455 x 320 x 230 mm. The total weight instead is of 14.5 kg: this does not make it one of the lightest electric bikes in the category but if we consider that when closed it becomes as large as a sheet of A3 paper, and therefore easily transportable, then we will not even notice.


The e-bike is definitely a product smart, not only because it has been designed intelligently, but also because it has many useful features when driving. For example, on the handlebar (adjustable in height) there is a large Crystal Clear LED Display easy to use and easy to control: allows the user to ride turn the vehicle on and off quickly, change speeds e turn the LED lights on and off. The tires are small in size but adopt a 7-inch type of shock-absorbing rubber and are cushioned as well as very resistant.

No autonomy problem for this pedalless electric bike as it has one 7.500 mAh ultra large battery, whose maximum declared distance is 30 km. It recharges in about 5 hours with a power of 36V. The engine obviously does not develop a great deal of power, also given the dimensions of the body inside which it is housed, and allows to reach a maximum speed of 18 km / h. In our opinion, the only flaw of this product is the portability exclusively by handle, like a twenty-four hour: a longer handle that had allowed carrying it like a trolley would have been the perfect feature for the HiMo H1. In addition the battery is equipped with a intelligent security system which includes: over-charging control, short circuit protection and protection from temperature rise in case of over use.

As mentioned in the introduction, this product has been available on Indiegogo for a few days. The price is 438 € and shipments will begin in May of this year. Unfortunately, there are only two colors available: yellow and gray. There are also more advantageous options to buy it: in fact, by taking two, you will get to one not indifferent discount of 50 €.

The company guarantee obviously comes with the product. What do you think? Are you enticed by the price?

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Fabrizio Catena
4 years ago

This is a moped, since it is possible not to pedal.