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Hiwill HW210 a soundbar with subwoofer for less than €80? YES!

As a lover of technology and cinema, I obviously cannot have a TV without a high-quality audio system! Or rather, my main TV doesn't need it (but I better not tell you how much it costs) but a good soundbar is always recommended to be able to fully enjoy the audio of our favorite TV series, films, video clips, etc. It is clear that if we want high level products we will therefore have to spend a lot of money unless we are looking for something poco known but at the same time gives us good results. This could be the case with this Hiwill HW210 soundbar even equipped with a subwoofer.

Hiwill HW210 PACKAGE

The product will arrive well packaged in a double cardboard box, an external one which will contain the actual sales box, therefore very good.

Hiwill HW210

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised as the standard equipment is really rich! In fact we will find:

  • Soundbar HW210
  • SubWoofer
  • Feeder
  • HDMI cable
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
  • HDMI T adapter
  • Digital optical cable
  • Remote control (batteries included)
  • Wall mounting kit (including brackets)
  • User manual (Italian included)


The dimensions are fundamental to understand if it will be possible to place everything near our TV: the soundbar is really very compact, measuring: 40cm x 9cm x 4cm while the SUB measures 28cm x 11,5cm x 28cm. The connection cable between the soundbar and the SUB is very long, so you will have no problems placing it in an area adjacent to the TV even if not directly attached (if space is limited).


Assembly is very simple, you just have to connect the subwoofer cable to the soundbar in the appropriate input. Then you will have to connect the power supply to the soundbar and you're done. If you want to hang it, you will have to attach the brackets supplied to the SB and fix it on the wall with the appropriate plugs present in the kit always supplied. I never recommend fixing it to the wall because if you then decided to move it, holes would obviously remain in the wall (however "repairable" with a bit of putty).


The technical specifications are as follows:

POWER100-240V, 50-60Hz
SOUNDBAR DRIVER2 x (1.2″ x 3.8″)
POWER60W (120W peak)


I would say the input compartment is very good and will allow us to use our HW210 in a truly versatile way. In fact we find:

  • 3.5mm AUX input
  • HDMI ARC input
  • USB Type A input (for listening to music on USB media)
  • Digital optical input
  • BlueTooth 5.3
Hiwill HW210


To select the input that we will have to use we will have 2 possibilities: the remote control or the buttons on the soundbar. There are 5 buttons on the soundbar and they will be used in the order:

  • Power button: turn the soundbar on/off (press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off)
  • M button: Switch between input modes in this sequence HDMI ARC – OPTICAL – BLUETOOTH – AUX – USB, press and hold for 3 seconds to disconnect the SB from one BT device and connect to a new one
  • “+” button: increase the volume
  • “-“ button: lower the volume
  • Play/Pause button: To play or pause Audio contents played via BT or USB

Obviously you will have to choose the correct output based on the one set on your television. If you don't hear any sound coming from the soundbar, go and check that the TV settings are compatible with the SB input. For example, if you have selected AUX on the SB, check that the cable is connected correctly to the TV and that the audio output is set to AUX in the TV settings.


We also have the possibility to select our audio sources via remote control but not only that, we will also be able to select three preset equalization curves based on our tastes and also manually adjust bass and mid-high. Let's see specifically how.

  • Power button: turn SB on and off (press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off)
  • Volume button: mute / restore volume
  • BT button: to switch to the BlueTooth channel and pairing mode (then proceed with the pairing from our television, smartphone, tablet, etc.). If already associated with a device, hold it down for 3 seconds to disconnect it and be able to reconnect to another device.
  • ARC button: to switch to the HDMI ARC input (on the TV you will need to have the appropriate HDMI ARC output, a classic HDMI port is not suitable)
  • “Vol +” button: increases the volume
  • “Vol -“ button: lowers the volume
  • “Skip back” button: only for BT and USB modes goes to the previous track
  • “Skip forward” button: only for BT and USB modes goes to the next track
  • “play/pause” button: only for BT and USB modes
  • Movie button: Better equalization for cinema playback
  • Game button: Better equalization for gaming
  • Music button: Better equalization for listening to music
  • Bass keys: To adjust the bass
  • Treb keys: to adjust the mid-highs
  • Mode button: to switch between the various inputs in the sequence BT – HDMI ARC – OPTICAL – AUX

The same thing as before applies here too: always check that the audio output of the TV corresponds to the input selected on the SB.


Let's start from a fundamental assumption, the truly low cost price! Having made this necessary premise, based on this fundamental point, I can assure you that the audio quality is more than good. The high frequencies are quite clear, a lot will also depend on where you install it. the advice is obviously to place it at seat height, i.e. parallel to your ears, remember that medium-high sounds propagate in this way, straight in front of the audio source. I would say the low frequencies that go down to the highs are also good 20Hz, and they certainly give body to the audio of a TV that perhaps lacks sound quality. The high frequencies that reach the high frequencies are also good 20Khz and the version BT 5.3 which will ensure almost perfect stereo audio transmission quality. Let's say that to get to sound like an SB with a SUB like this you should have a very high level TV, otherwise the improvement will be really evident. It is clear that you should not expect audio comparable to Dolby systems which cost 5 times more, it is always good to point out this aspect. The DSP chip returns a good 3D effect which, thanks to the 4 aluminum alloy cone drivers combined with the SUB, reaches approximately 105dB. This is especially noticeable when listening to films and TV series, contents for which in some cases it is essential to be reproduced by external audio devices.


As always, to make a final consideration we must take into consideration one of the fundamental aspects: the price. There Hiwill HW210 it costs around €160 but thanks to BANGGOOD (whom we thank for sending the sample) and our coupon you can take it home with a sensational discount which will discount it by almost 60% and with this discount my advice is that to seriously consider the purchase. The inputs are truly multiple and the possibility of using it with TV, smartphone, tablet, PC makes this product very versatile.
I remind you that, to protect your purchases, on GOOD BANG you can pay via PayPal and shipping, FREE, the product will be shipped from a warehouse located in Europe and you will receive it in approximately 3-5 days without running the risk of annoying customs duties.

SoundBar Hiwill HW210

74€ 169€
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8 Total score

A good SounBar that makes versatility its strong point

  • Low Cost
  • Good response on both high and low frequencies
  • High-performance SubWoofer
  • Rich equipment (ARC cable, Optical cable, 3.5mm Stereo cable)
  • Remote control
  • Nobody
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