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HONOR and Rankin: share your vibes!

HONOR and Rankin invite European users to share their vibes in a new collaboration that aims to make portrait photography accessible to everyone:

  • The series HONOR 200 fuses art and technology with the camera's AI-powered portrait function
  • Those who want share your vibes across Europe they will be able to win the chance to be photographed by Rankin.
  • A selection of images submitted by the public will be exhibited online and offline in galleries across Europe, including an iconic location.

HONOR, Europe's fastest growing smartphone brand, has revealed more details of its partnership with the iconic fashion photographer rankin. This collaboration was officially presented in June during the launch event of the 200 Series, and involves pairing the HONOR 200 Pro “Portrait Master” device with the original Portrait Master. The latest update confirms the release of a series of Portrait Session films, created by Rankin, and a special RankinLIVE event taking place in London at the end of July.


Rankin: exclusive advice for unique shots

rankin, the photographer famous for his shots of celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II, David Bowie and Kate Moss, will star in films showcasing the AI-enhanced portrait capabilities of the HONOR 200 Pro; and together with him, some special guests took part in this exclusive content, including his wife, the famous model and actress Tuuli Shipster. In these three films, the English photographer will guide spectators through eight key steps to capture the perfect shot in a variety of environments.

The films are at the heart of HONOR's European campaign for the 200 Series, which aims to democratize portraiture and demonstrate that anyone can be a master portraitist, and invite users across Europe to capture and share their shots. The images, which can be taken with any device, will be evaluated by Rankin and his team to curate an exhibition that will be presented in major European cities this summer, including billboards in Central Europe.

Speaking of collaboration, rankin said: "I'm excited to work with HONOR to showcase the capabilities of the 200 Series and demonstrate how easy it is to create stunning portraits using a phone. It's fantastic to see the amazing images that have been sent in by consumers since the launch of the device and we hope that the footage will inspire many more people to take and submit their own images in the coming weeks".

A portrait of Rankin: the competition to win a private photo session

Users across Europe will have the opportunity to win a private photo session with Rankin during the event RankinLIVE, to be held from 29 to 31 July in London. HONOR, in fact, organized a 3-day event at the venue Outernet Pop 1 on Tottenham Court Road to offer vibe-shapers from all over Europe, who will participate in the competition, the chance to win flights, accommodation and the special private session with the English photographer. How to win? Simply select your best portrait and follow the participation procedures on the website this address.

Unveiling the art of Studio Harcourt portraits

Recognizing that the most important tools in portraiture are light and shadow, the HONOR 200 Series has been equipped with advanced hardware and meticulously co-engineered AI software that recognizes even the most subtle nuances of lighting. L'HONOR 200 Pro It features a 50MP main portrait camera with a Super Dynamic H9000 sensor that allows users to capture convincing images with the perfect balance of light and shadow even in difficult lighting scenarios. Supporting 4-in-1 pixel binning technology with a pixel size of 2,4μm, users can capture intricate details in their images even in low-light scenarios. Furthermore, theHONOR 200 Pro It features a 50MP portrait telephoto camera and a custom telephoto sensor from Sony. The HONOR 200 Pro also offers improved light sensing capability, ensuring clear and faithful capture of distant objects with exceptional detail.

Prices and availability

Available in 3 different colors, HONOR 200 Pro is available on HONOR STORE at a truly inviting price!

HONOR 200 Pro colors
  • Trade-in bonus” which entitles you to an immediate discount without having to return any device: the immediate discount for HONOR 200 Pro is well 70€
  • bundled, the original HONOR 100W charger only 1.90€ plus
  • a coupon is available discount by well 150€
  • HONOR Points triple: yes, the first 2000 points will be worth triple, for a value of 60€; the remaining points to reach the maximum discount which I remind you is 30%, will be counted as written above, i.e. 100 points - €1

HONOR 200 Pro

407-521 € 799€
Price varies depending on HONOR Points
18 days remaining
€70 trade-in bonus
100W charger + €1.90
€150 discount coupon
HONOR Points – max 30% discount

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