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HONOR Points: discounts up to 30%!

Lately we talked to you about the HONOR offers mentioning the HONOR Points: but what are they and how can they accumulate? What benefits do they provide? Why are they convenient? Let's find out together!

What are HONOR Points?

Like the loyalty programs of many stores, HONOR has also made these points available to its users which can be accumulated, easily I would even say, to obtain decidedly significant discounts! Many users don't know that they exist and it's a real shame because they are dedicating poco time per day you really get a lot of points, the only rule is to get them!

How much are they worth?

Except for particular initiatives, 100 HONOR Points are worth 1€ for purchases on the official HONOR store.

How many HONOR Points can I use when purchasing?

Well let's get to the point: thanks to HONOR points, you can get a maximum of 30% discount on the final purchase value of our cart, with coupons and discounts already applied; let's give an example: if our cart is worth €100, we will be able to use a maximum of 3000 HONOR points, equivalent to a €30 discount. But you don't have to worry about doing the math, the HONOR purchasing system will do everything for you: we will see later how to decide to use your points or not.

Do HONOR Points have an expiration date?

Like practically all loyalty points programs, HONOR Points also have an expiry date: you can check the expiry of your points via the MyHONOR app - "Personal" section - by clicking on your points: you will enter a screen that will show you how many points there are expiring on a certain date (see following screen).

check points expiration

What do I have to do to earn HONOR Points?

Not HONOR users? No problem! The loyalty program is open to everyone! To accumulate HONOR Points, all you need to do is download the MyHONOR app from the PlayStore, register and you're ready!

How do you get HONOR Points?

There are several ways to accumulate HONOR Points, and it's much easier than you might think! 

1) By purchasing products from the HONOR STORE: for every euro spent, we will be entitled to 1 HONOR Point (except for special initiatives that could give you more points) and then by leaving a review of the product purchased you will have another 100 points as a gift!

2) By participating in HONOR STORE initiatives and promotions: for example, at this moment in which we are writing the article, all you need to do is register to get 2000 points without doing absolutely anything else! And for users who are already registered, just log in to the app!

3) Daily tasks: these are the points you can get daily through the MyHONOR app and they are undoubtedly the easiest loyalty points to get! Below is the detail on how to do your daily homework.

1) Daily tasks – Login

By registering/checking in daily in the app, you earn another HONOR Point!
Registration can be done once a day, from 00:00 to 23:59.


2) Daily tasks – Homework Center

Daily tasks can be done once a day and reset at 18pm the next day (daylight saving time). They are very simple "missions" that you can find in the MyHONOR app - Personal Section - Task Center: just press the task button to carry out it.

HONOR Points homework center

3) Daily tasks – Sharing

This is one of HONOR's most recent innovations for accumulating points: they can be done well 5 shares daily and every share will make you earn well 50 points!
Shares can be made from 18pm to 00pm the following day (daylight saving time).

This step can be done on every page where the share button (the typical icon) is present by subsequently selecting the app you want to use to share the content you have chosen; once the operation has taken place, you will see a message on the screen confirming the disbursement of the 50 points thanks to the sharing you just made.

To give you an example, in the images you will see the sharing of a product via MyHONOR:

HONOR Points shares

That's all? Is it that easy?

That's right, simply that, nothing more and nothing less! HONOR has started to give meaning to its HONOR Points by rewarding its most loyal users: thanks to the points it is very easy to be able to purchase the devices you want at a much more accessible price!

You know the brand new devices in the series HONOR 200 5G presented by poco? Thanks to HONOR points you can buy them with a really crazy discount! Let's see together what we are talking about!

HONOR 200 Series: current offer, coupons and points!

Let's discover together the current offer for the new HONOR 200 series, taking the flagship model as an example HONOR 200 Pro.

  • Let's start from a list price of €799
  • is available on “Trade-in bonus” which entitles you to an immediate discount without having to return any device: the immediate discount for HONOR 200 Pro is well 70€
  • is available, in bundle, the original HONOR 100W charger only 1.90€ Plus: to buy without thinking twice
  • a coupon is available discount by well 150€
  • HONOR Triple Points: yes, the first 2000 points will be worth triple, for a value of 60€; the remaining points to reach the maximum discount which I remind you is 30%, will be counted as written above, i.e. 100 points - €1

The steps to take advantage of all the discounts for purchasing HONOR 200 Pro, without missing anything, are the following:

  • Access the product page ofHONOR STORE means this link
  • Choose the color you prefer, tick the checkbox for the charger and select “BONUS Trade-in” : you can now add the product to the cart
device selection
  • View the cart and apply the €150 discount coupon: press the coupon word and enter the coupon code found below, confirm, and you will get another €150 discount
coupon application
  • Last step: proceed with the purchase! On the new page we will find, in addition to your personal information for shipping and payment, the check-box to tick to use our HONOR Points! Check it and the system will calculate for you how many points to use and then return you the final amount: HONOR 200 Pro, including original 100W charger, for only 407,26€!
final summary with HONOR Points

Thanks to the current offers and the HONOR Points, the new HONOR 200 Pro it can be yours for yourself 407,26€!

And if you aren't registered yet, download the MyHONOR app and register to get it right away 2000 points as a gift!

HONOR 200 Pro

407-521 € 799€
Price varies depending on HONOR Points
15 days remaining
€70 trade-in bonus
100W charger + €1.90
€150 discount coupon
HONOR Points – max 30% discount
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Lorenzo Gualdoni

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