How to charge your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 without removing the strap

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Since the first version of Mi Band appeared, the generations that have followed have all brought more and more interesting news and features, which have made the low-cost wearable of the Asian brand a real best seller, worn on the wrist by millions of users . The sales of the Mi Band series have contributed to the growth in the wearables market by Xiaomi, which will probably delight us after the spring with the release of the sixth generation.

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At the moment, therefore, on the market, you can find the excellent Xiaomi Mi Band 5 but there are many who hold onto their Mi Band 4, indeed there are many users who take advantage of the various offers that swarm on the Italian and Chinese stores, to grab the fourth generation of the fitness tracker of Lei Jun's company. After all, the software improvements through updates are still constant and removed some small differences with the Mi Band 5, has perhaps poco sense the abandonment of Mi Band 4 in favor of other devices.

How to charge your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 without removing the strap

Yet there is a flaw and it is also quite annoying. I am referring to the charging system that forces us to remove the Mi Band 4 capsule from the strap to insert it in the appropriate charging slot, as there is no way to top up the energy. With Mi Band 5 the solution came with moving the magnetic pogo pins towards the central part of the capsule, equipping the smart band with a magnetic charging cable but if this was the only element that made you reach out for the purchase of Mi Band 5, know that we have found the solution to all this and moreover it is not expensive at all.

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It is not possible to charge Xiaomi Mi band 4 without removing the capsule from the strap

It is possible to buy a special cable on the net that incorporates a sort of pliers with relative protrusions for the magnetic pogo pins of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, so that you can recharge your wearable without finally having to remove the capsule from the strap, thus solving that annoying problem that in the long run ruined our precious straps.

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For a cost of only 2,51 euros with free shipping we take home this ingenious cable, which measures about 30 cm, therefore also much longer than what is supplied by Xiaomi Mi Band 4. As already mentioned, the cable consists of a spring tweezers, whose only flaw is that it is not covered with rubberized material inside, that is the part in contact with the Mi Band 4, but just be careful and gently wrap the capsule of the wearable, to get the magic , that is, recharge while keeping the band.

A much more practical solution than spring cables that hook laterally and never hold a charge as the magnetic contacts move continuously. In short, a simple but brilliant solution that I personally recommend and if you really think that 30 cm are few, know that at the price of 3,34 euros you take home the cable with a length of 1 meter, on the other hand by doing so you have saved the cost of the transition to Mi Band 5.

And did you know this solution or did you adopt others? In this case please let us know by writing in the comments box below, if you have discovered something new, don't forget to follow us in the future.

Price updated on: 27 September 2021 10:40

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7 months ago

Okay, something new can be discovered late, but the clip-on charger for mi band 4, I ordered it from aliexpress in September 2019 (delivered around October 2019) ... In short, you are slightly late

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