How to connect the Immuni app to the Xiaomi Mi Band | Guide

The app immune is an essential support tool to combat the advancement of the covid-19 outbreak. It is not our job (and we will not) to say that it is necessary to download it to be safer and in fact in this guide we will go to see more. In particular we will go to see how connect and synchronize the app data with the Xiaomi Mi Band. This way every time a notification arrives from Immuni (hopefully never) the Xiaomi smartband will vibrate how it vibrates every time a WhatsApp notification, Telegram and so on arrives.

Here's how to connect the Immuni app to our Xiaomi Mi Band: how to make the smartband vibrate when a notification arrives

To ensure that notifications arrive from our smartphone to the smartband, all you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device and connect the app We Fit. In this way, the applications selected by the brand's app will send a signal to the Mi Band and will inform us of the receipt of the notification. Similarly it is possible have Immuni notify us. Simply select it as an app to send notifications. Basically all you need to do is download it from Play Store And that's it.

  • first you have to access the Mi Fit app and connect via Bluetooth your own Mi Band. In this guide we have used a Mi Band 4 but clearly it also works on 3 and 5;
  • secondly we will have to go to the bottom right on "Profile
    ”And select the smartband that we want to connect with the app;
  • at this point all that remains is enable app notifications going to the option of the same name;
  • once this is done, the interface you see on the right will appear: go down to "Manage applications”To search for the Immuni application to connect with the smartband;

how to connect immune apps to xiaomi mi band

  • let's look for it among all the applications installed on the smartphone and select it.

As with any application to be connected to the Mi Band, the above application also there will report via notification and vibration when we are close to a reported user. Let's hope this doesn't happen.

Download Immune app for Android | Play Store

Download Mi Fit Android | Play Store

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1 March 2021 10: 01
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4 months ago

And do you need to do an article for this stuff when it's a simple notification from an app?
Just to have click mamma mia.

4 months ago
Reply to  undertherain

I saw that you added and removed a comment, no disturbance, I didn't want to offend.

3 months ago

Hi, sorry off topic, but I am new and I have seen that you are a great site for what I have to ask.
On November 20th I bought my band 5 from Mediaworld for my sister, I knew it didn't support NFC in Europe. How come when I connect it to the iPhone, and in the settings of the Mi FiT app, it reports: "Mi Smart Band 5 NFC"? Is there any way to activate it also in Italy at this point?
Thank you!

3 months ago

Thanks for your answer! We hope they enable it on the software side, given the device they should have inserted it, otherwise I don't see the reason to make it visible as Mi smart Band 5 NFC!

4 months ago

Let's say that if you don't even know how to activate a notification ... maybe you have an iWatch or whatever it's called, not a MiBand ... 😉
However, I have been using Mi Band Tools for years for all notifications with Mi Band and I have achieved peace of mind. - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products