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How to do a speed test using Google Chrome | Guide

Lo speed test it is a very useful tool and we often rely on external platforms (apps or websites) to calculate the speed of our connection. However, few people know that this tool is also integrated within Google Chrome, which is the most used browser on smartphones. Of course, not everyone uses it, but today we are concentrating on it since through it (app or website) it is possible to carry out a speed test. Let's see how

Do you want to know how fast the internet goes on your smartphone or PC? Here's how to do a speed test on Chrome without using any application

To carry out a speed test via Google Chrome, the first thing we need to do is clearly take a smartphone with the application installed. Just tap on it and open a new tab. If we don't want to open a new tab, we can use the search bar at the top. Once this is done, just write run speed test on the bar or tab. The screen like the one you see below will appear.

how to do speed test on smartphone with chrome

We touch at the bottom on "Run speed tests”And a speed test will open with the classic speedometer. The test will start automatically without us pressing any other keys. As with all tests we know, those of the download and upload

As we can see, finished the first download speed test (left photo) will begin that of theupload (photo in the center). Once both are finished, a new suit screen will arrive with the test results. This will also give us some additional information (right photo), as well as tell us the level of ping.

Clearly, this guide also applies to PCs and Macs and not just smartphones. Consequently we can do it even on Chrome from a non-mobile device. This will make it more immediate than going to a dedicated site or downloading an application.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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