Here's how to get MIUI 12 SuperWallpapers on MIUI 11 | Download

As we know Xiaomi yesterday finally launched for China on MIUI 12 closed beta program. The latest major release in chronological order of the brand mainly brings changes from the aesthetic point of view, but not only those. We saw in the dedicated article yesterday morning what the changes are and we noticed how much they bring the MIUI close to the iOS interface. Most of the changes concern the aesthetic side: icons, backgrounds, wallpapers etc. Compared to the latter, today we point out a way to download them even if we don't have the latest version of MIUI mounted on the device.

Here is the guide to have the MIUI 12 SuperWallpapers also on MIUI 11

We reassure you right away that there is no need to be a geek to proceed to MIUI 12 SuperWallpaper download. You just have to make sure you have some free space for download, since it is two files of about 80 MB each. We also need an application for the management of the wallpapers that we still download. For the moment there are only two wallpapers but we will not fail to add others if they came out as apk.

  1. the first step is download a wallpapers manager. Anyone should be fine but we have found ourselves very well with "Wallpapers" of Google: click here to proceed with the download. Should ask for the consent to access to storage space: of course you agree;
  2. now you need to download the two files from mobile: SuperWallpaperMarte o SuperWallpaperTerra. [Many find it difficult to download them from Google Drive. We also provide the download links below MEGA: Mars e Land]. These are two apk files, so once once the download is complete you will have to install them as any application. Once the download is finished, do not go and look for them on the home page or in the downloads because you won't find them;
  3. now you just have to set one as default. Then open the application “Wallpapers"Of Google and scroll down to the square you will find the words"Animated wallpaper": is here you will find the SuperWallpaperMarte and Terra of MIUI 12. Choose one, select it and this will appear as default.
With this procedure, only the home page changes and not the lockscreen

From now on every time you swipe left or right, I swipe it animated wallpaper will move in the same direction as your finger. We tried with two smartphones updated to Android 10 but unfortunately not with an updated ad Android 9. We think it also works for the latter: in case you had a device still not updated to the latest Android version try and let us know.

If you get tired of this effect, just go back go to MIUI's "Themes" application and return to the default mode.

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Antonio Cavaletto
Antonio Cavaletto
1 months ago

You also need to install the apk wallpaper, you don't need Google wallpapers, and then you can use them directly from Themes

1 months ago

But does it change only the home or also the lock screen?

1 months ago
Reply to Alberto

Only the home, I hoped for the lock but nothing

Maurizio Molteni
30 days ago

Beautiful. On the Pocophone F1 with A10 and MIUI11, using the Google Wallpapers APP. Then I also installed the APIA XIOMI APP from APKMIRROR as mentioned in the link in the comment Antonio Cavalletto ... and then the two super wallpapers can also be seen in THEMES, and then also in the lockscreen! Full effect!

Luca Ambrosone
Luca Ambrosone
1 months ago

i have a 10 note and it doesn't work.

1 months ago

I can do everything but the lwp does not work, remains fixed and does not come alive as on miui 12

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