How to install Alexa in Italian on Amazfit Verge

In the last two months we have witnessed a real technological horde by Huami, the company that produces the AmazFit devices. Of all the models proposed, perhaps the one that is most interesting, at least in terms of modding, is VERGE, which now receives support for Alexa in Italian.

So far the functionality of Amazon's voice assistant was only related to international users, but thanks to the world of modding (and friends of GizChina.it) now Alexa in Italian lands directly on your wrist. Make yourself comfortable because the guide could be a bit long net of simple steps that see as the first element to have an AMAZFIT VERGE (not LITE), which must still not be associated with the smartphone.


Another fundamental step is to install the AmazFit app, but ATTENTION, because not all the releasae seem to complete the possibility of exploiting Alexa on your Verge, so you have to equip yourself with the 3.0 version that you can download directly by clicking on the button below.



Now you need to cheat: in fact, to log in to the newly installed AMAZFIT application, you will need to use a Google account located in the United States. How to do? You will need to equip yourself with a VPN app and select US as a location, or if you have devices that can change the region (such as Xiaomi) you can do so from the settings. Now you just need to create a completely new Google account and then access the AmazFit app with the new credentials, making sure that the geolocation of the device is turned off or that it is in the United States (via VPN). Another useful tip is to set the language of your smartphone in English (USA).

Perfect now the pairing between smartphone and the Verge should start and since you have already set the parameters for the USA, at the end of the configuration you will be automatically asked to link your Amazon account with the AmazFit app. Of course the Amazon account you have for Italy is very good and then continued with the pairing of the two accounts. In this case a message should appear showing the writing "Alexa is not supported", however proceed with the configuration. If you are not initially asked to make the pairing between the Amazon app and Amazfit, you can go to the entry Profile - Add Account - Amazon and proceed to login on this last page. This is how the voice assistant should look on your smartwatch. Now you are ready to use Alexa in Italian on your AmazFit Verge.


Just click on the physical button of your lit screen wearable to awaken Alexa, turning to her in Italian with a reply from the Italian voice assistant. Now only your imagination can bear fruit with this new feature, considering that even different skills seem to work with Alexa on the Verge.



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1 year ago

I also have the same problem. sie able to solve?

1 year ago

Hello! I followed your guide and managed to activate alexa but I don't know why I answered in English (even if all the settings are in Italian).
Do you know how to solve?

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