How to remove the Redmi writing from photos

Do not know how to remove the Redmi writing from the photos Are you looking for a tutorial guide that can help you? Very well, you have found the article that is right for you! In this in-depth study, we are going to answer this question.

Yes, because how annoying is the watermark that marks the photos by default with the name of the smartphone that took them? If you, like us, can stand it poco, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and read the next few lines.

We are sure that, once you have reached the end of the focus, you will have a complete and exhaustive overview and you will be satisfied. Ready? Let's go!

How to remove the Redmi writing from photos

Therefore, this article is aimed at all those Xiaomi, Redmi and smartphone owners POCO who no longer intend to have the watermark with the name of the phone on their photographs. Clean photos, free from any type of writing: to do this it is not necessary to carry out a long or complex procedure, since in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent.

You must know that on Xiaomi, Redmi e POCO it is possible to deactivate the watermark a priori, so that it does not appear in future shots, but also remove the watermark in shots where it is already present. So on the one hand you can solve a long-term problem by deactivating an annoying function for many (surely for you), and on the other you can act on the "damage" already done.

In the following paragraphs we analyze how to be able to carry out both operations, enjoy reading!

How to remove written Redmi photos

Let's start with disabling the Watermark feature for future photos. To do this, you won't have to download third-party software or apps, but simply take advantage of a MIUI feature. Here are the steps to take to understand how to remove the Redmi writing from the photos:

  1. Open the Camera app

  2. Click on the menu button (top right corner, icon with the three horizontal lines)

  3. Select the Settings item

  4. Select the Watermark item in the Camera Settings section

  5. Disable the two toggles in the Watermark menu: "Add date and time to photos" and "Device watermark"

Et voilà, the Watermark feature has been disabled! From the next shot you take, the writings will no longer appear. It wasn't difficult, was it? And it's just as easy to remove the watermark in photos you've already taken. How to take it off? Also in this case you have to perform a series of steps, if you don't want to delete the photos you have taken. You don't even have to bother cropping the photo where the watermark is, as MIUI always comes to the rescue.

First, open the Gallery app. Once you have found the photo that interests you and that you want to edit, open it and then click on the Edit button (second icon from the left, i.e. a square with a pencil). At this point select the writing you want to remove, select the item "Remove watermark” that you find in the other center and finally select Save.

You did! You've removed the watermark from the photos you've already taken! And even in this case you didn't have to download third-party apps or carry out long and complex operations: MIUI provides the most effective and reliable solution.

That said, you should now have a clear picture of how to remove the Redmi writing from the photos. Finally! And among other things, you can explain how you did it to your friend, who is as desperate as you were before reading our article. We therefore just have to give you an appointment for the next time, in the hope that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Soon!


Edoardo D'Amato

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