Huami AmazFit Bip Lite presented in China, up to 4 months of autonomy

Xiaomi, or to be precise, the Huami sub-brand has just presented a new smartwatch a few hours away from theAmazFit Verge Lite announced yesterday. As you will have understood from the title we are talking about the Huami AmazFit Bip Lite, or a more modern and economic version of the AmazFit Bip presented almost two years ago.

Let's go then to see what are the main features of this highly anticipated upgrade (or almost).

Huami AmazFit Bip Lite presented in China, up to 4 months of autonomy

Huami AmazFit Bip Lite

Let's start with the display that seems to remain unchanged, at least for the specifications communicated today. In fact we have an 1,28 inch diagonal panel with a resolution of 176 × 176, this time however covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass for greater scratch resistance. As far as weight is concerned, this seems to have increased slightly from 31 grams to 32 grams, therefore an imperceptible difference.

The AmazFit Bip Lite supports four sport modes: outdoor run, indoor run (treadmill), outdoor walk and bike ride (no exercise bike). At the same time it is also able to monitor the heart rate and its changes over the course of the day, creating graphs.

Huami AmazFit Bip Lite

Unfortunately there is no GPS for a more accurate tracking available in the Bip, while the Bluetooth module is more modern, before it was 4,0 version, now 4,1. There is therefore the possibility of receiving messages and being able to read them directly from the smartwatch, the alarm function and support for the application of Xiaomi dedicated to sport (Mi Fit).

Finally, the new Bip Lite comes with a slightly larger battery with a capacity of 200mAh (they were 190mAh on the beep) which can be recharged in about two and a half hours. With normal use, the battery ensures an autonomy of 45 days, if instead only the pedometer and sleep monitoring functions are used, 4 months of autonomy can be reached well.

Huami AmazFit Bip Lite

The new Huami AmazFit Bip Lite is now in presale in China at the figure of 299 Yuan, around 38 euros.

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1 year ago

So the only differences are NFC and a slightly larger battery?

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