Huami has developed an N95 mask that allows us to use the Unlock Face on our smartphone

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The pandemic continues to claim victims and the arrest still seems far in some ways. We are forced to wear masks and gloves for our protection and that of others, but surely you will have noticed that your precious smartphone, paid even 1000 euros, does not manage to recognize you in the face, often having to resort to the old and good PIN or Pattern for unlocking the device.

It may seem trivial, but Huami is thinking of this attention, known for its line of Amazfit devices, which for some time has also expanded its boundaries in the TWS headphones sector as well as in that of sports instruments such as the treadmill. Apparently Huami is developing an N95 mask that will allow us to use facial recognition on our smartphone, thus avoiding the occasion in which we take off the mask to be recognized by the device, facing very serious risks.

Huami has developed an N95 mask that allows us to use the Unlock Face on our smartphone

The pro-unlock-face mask design responds to the name of Aeri. In practice Huami has reprojected the design of the classic N95 protection masks, revolutionizing it in its entirety, allowing us to expose the key areas of our face, suitable for recognition, without failing to protect.

In fact, the logarithms dedicated to the safety of face recognition take into account some areas of our face and on this logic Huami has developed the new mask, allowing the areas concerned to be completely visible to the sensor dedicated to facial recognition.

For this, translucent materials are used, in order to optimize the recognition of the areas of the face and the expressions associated with them. This means that going beyond the technological aspect, the new Nami mask by Huami, not only will protect against any risks from Covid-95, not only will allow the unlocking of our smartphone via the unlock face function without having to remove the protection tool but will allow you to always respecting the social distance, transmitting the expressions of our face, the emotions, in short we could give a smile even from behind a mask.

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