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Huawei Mate 8: a leak reveals the back cover! Well, more or less ...

New article on Huawei Mate 8, this time to show you a leaked image that seems to portray part of its back cover. Are you curious?

Huawei Mate 8: Here's a little taste of her back cover!

A few hours ago I was writing this article to inform you that it was announced the date of official submission of Huawei Mate 8. Now we are here again to talk about this much anticipated device to show you a leaked image that has been spread over the Asian phone portals for a few minutes. I will be very short, because in fact there is not much to say.

Mate 8

As you can see from the picture diffused by an employee Foxconn, in home Huawei they are afraid of news escalations and industrial espionage, that is why the mysterious device, which, according to the employee, is the phantom Mate 8, was imprisoned in those "rumor-proof" houses you see in the picture.

Nevertheless, you can observe some small details. As you can see, the camera of the Mate 8 it has a very similar design to that already seen on Mate S, except for the shape that in this case is circular. It is accompanied by a dual flash LED and as tradition Huawei, below it you can find a fingerprint scanner that is also circular.

Unfortunately, our analysis ends here, but let us point out that if this leak was true it would be in open contradiction with the rumors that one wanted Huawei Mate 8 with a fingerprint scanners allocated in one physical home button.

Before I say hello I'll leave you link to this article, where you can find some information about the possible technical specifications of this Huawei Mate 8.

At the next guys!


Article Huawei Mate 8: a leak reveals the back cover! Well, more or less ... seems to be the first of

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