Huawei Watch Buds the 2 in 1 device ever seen

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In the last few years, Huawei presented many wearable devices for all tastes, from smartbands to smartwatches passing from wireless headphones, presenting devices for almost all different tastes, needs and budgets. Now the company is making headlines again with the new Huawei WatchBuds the 2 in 1 device ever seen. What is it about? Let's find out together!

Huawei Watch Buds illustrative image


A quick look at the specs of the new one Huawei WatchBuds:

  • Watch size: 47mm × 47,5mm × 14,99mm
  • Buds Size: 21,8mm×10,3mm×10,3mm
  • 3 different eartips, sizes SML
  • Watch weight (without strap): approx. 66,5 g
  • Single earphone weight: 4g
  • Watch display: 1,43 inch, color AMOLED screen, resolution 466×466, PPI 326
  • Watch case: stainless steel
  • Strap: leather, 22 mm
  • Punsalti watch: pressure watch crown only
  • Charging: wireless, 9V/2A
  • Battery: 3 days duration with active buds recharge
  • Waterproof: The earphones are IP54 certified, the watch is resistant to splashes, dust and water under normal conditions, but does not have a professional level of waterproof. It is not recommended to immerse it in water.


Huawei watch buds functionality

Like the other smartwatches in the range, Huawei WatchBuds it enjoys all the features regarding health monitoring, such as heart rate and sleep monitoring, blood oxygenation, stress, sports activity monitoring. So far, everything normal. The revolutionary novelty is inside.

Huawei Watch Buds Design

Fitted with a 22mm leather strap, Huawei WatchBuds looks very elegant! The central button allows you to open the watch and access the compartment containing the two Buds.

Huawei Watch Buds: what headphones!

I find the two headphones contained inside to be a masterpiece of innovation: tiny and symmetrical on all 4 sides, it doesn't matter how you store them in the Huawei WatchBuds, these will magnetically attach to the top and recharge.

The Buds contained inside are tiny and really light: just 4g. in so poco space was locked up all Huawei technology! We find the new Touch Wide Area controls detect vibrations! Simply double-tap the earphones, pinna or near the front of the tragus to answer and reject calls or play and pause tracks; tap three times to turn noise canceling on and off. Touch controls can be customized via the Huawei AiLife app.

The inside of the single headphone: full-range planar diaphragm unit features four magnets and a shallow voice coil to generate rich, textured sounds. The three real-time listening optimizations take into account the shape of the ear canal, the fit of the earphones and the volume level, to ensure a flawless listening experience.

But not only! You can wear the headphones either on the right or on the left: Huawei WatchBuds it will recognize where you have worn them simply by tilting its head!

There is also active noise cancellation!

Noise Canceling On

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) filters out unwanted sounds, for an always optimal listening experience. The "Aware" mode avoids isolation from your surroundings while listening and allows you to stay in touch with what is happening around you.

Huawei Watch Buds Battery

Huawei WatchBuds mounts a battery that allows an autonomy of 3 days with active headphone charging. However, it is possible to disable the recharging of the headphones, via setting, to increase their autonomy up to 5 days.

Price and conclusions

The new 2-in-one device, one of a kind, arrives on the market with an introductory price, let's say, not exactly low: €499. They are not few but considering the uniqueness and innovation of the device, the price is in focus. Always having the headphones on your wrist with you, without risking losing or forgetting them, is a considerable plus. The technology included in so poco space and the work done to present a different device, justify the high price. Both the smartwatch and the headphones are 2 products of excellent quality and excellent materials. Seen and tested live, then, it returns a truly pleasant sensation to the touch: the design used, the combination of materials, its lightness, make Huawei WatchBuds a truly unique and elegant device.


I leave you the link to be able to buy Huawei Watch Buds directly on the Huawei store: BUY NOW

Don't forget the coupon! By entering the code AWATCH BUDS after entering Huawei WatchBuds in your cart, you will get 50 € discount!

Lorenzo Gualdoni

Lorenzo Gualdoni

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