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IKT ST05 – The economic headphones but with Premium specifications

IKT is probably a brand unknown to many of you and I admit that it was for me too, until I had the opportunity to test one of their products, sold directly on Amazon. This brand is taking its first steps in the technology market, starting to plant the "seed" that will grow its ecosystem, offering a classic of these times, or a pair of TWS headphones. So today I'm talking about the IKT ST05, cheap headphones but with good performance and which I recommend both as a main gadget and as a secondary one to perhaps combine with your sporting activities.

The packaging of these Bluetooth earphones does not hide the economic nature of the product, being presented in a small white hardcover that shows the stylized image of the product on the front and a few other specifications on the back. The sales package naturally includes the IKT ST05 and its charging box, as well as the manuals (the Italian language is present), the USB-Type-C charging cable and a pair of silicone rubber pads, since they are in-ear headphones.

If the company wanted to capture attention, with the design of these TWS headphones it has certainly succeeded in a positive way. We are faced with a beautiful charging case in Navy Blue color made of opaque plastic, but of excellent quality and robustness, although something more could have been done for the lid hinge, which does not remain fixed once opened, but with a small jolt closes immediately.

Speaking of the lid, this has a magnetic closure that is very firm to the rest of the body of the case, where we find the Type-C input on the back for recharging the integrated battery while on the front we have a small display that will show both the percentage of residual charge of the battery of the cup and that of the earphones, for the latter expressed through a graph. Unfortunately, the lid does not offer the hall sensor, so pairing with the smartphone will only take place when we remove the headphones from their housing.

Opening the charging container, we find the IKT ST05 housed, which remain anchored to the charging seat by means of 2 small but powerful magnets, positioned on the end part of the capsule, where we also find the presence of two microphones and a small status LED which certifies the connection and successful recharging. The headphones then boast a touch surface for managing music and/or call commands. Semi in-ear design that is decidedly comfortable in daily wearability thanks also to a low weight of only 4 grams but above all to the small dimensions, ideal for example for carrying out physical activity, even outdoors, without fearing sweat and/or rain in the IPX7 certification is present.

We mentioned it poco ago and therefore it is better to remove the tooth, even if in this case it is a pleasure. In fact, the TWS headphones under examination offer a great autonomy that settles at around 6 hours with a single charge for consecutive use of music listening at maximum volume, reaching around 33 hours with the charging case which therefore allows the earphones to be recharged for 5 times and more. Quite a superb value considering the small size and weight of the earphones. More in detail, the case reaches a value of 400 mAh but poco the value itself matters, given the goodness of performance linked to the duration that we are offered. Also present is the fast recharge by means of Type-C, which in just 30 minutes completely recharges the IKT ST05.

The best of them, these TWS headphones give it with both Android and iOS smartphones, counting on a reactive touch and complete commands: in fact we can manage both the answer, the hook and the refusal of a call as well as command play / pause, song switch, voice assistant call and volume control. There is no companion app available, ideal for those who like it simple.

I was amazed by the connection speed to the smartphone once removed from their housing, but also the connection stability which reaches over 15 meters, with obstacles in the way, but also when we keep the smartphone in the pocket of a jacket or trousers. Thanks undoubtedly to the Bluetooth 5.3 but also the 10 mm drivers do their dirty work, offering a decidedly dynamic sound spectrum, with enthralling bass and balanced mids/sides. However, despite the presence of these specifications, the headphones do not do their job well with rather dynamic contents, such as gaming, where the delay between audio and video is felt. The work of the 4 microphones is decidedly good, which give clear and clean audio even in unfavorable conditions, even if I would have appreciated the integration of an ENC technology.


Overall, the IKT ST05 are positioned in a market practically crowded with more or less valid headphones, but on their side they have a decidedly aggressive price. In fact, you can find them on the Amazon store, at the time I'm writing this review, at a price of €16,99, but until 28/02. Compatible with any device, good battery life and audio quality for both calls and music, ideal for sports thanks to the IPX7 certification. In short, headphones to keep as a spare for walks or runs outdoors, but also as main earphones, without breaking the bank. I feel comfortable recommending them to you and promoting them with full marks, especially considering the price offered.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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