The new Xiaomi toy is a Lego-style digger

We are used to seeing every kind of product presented on the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi, but with the Christmas holidays approaching, the gadgets designed for the smallest Mi Fans are immaculate. Confirming this, a toy appeared a few hours ago on Youpin that will delight young and old lovers of the Lego style: we are talking about a toy digger all to be built.

The new Xiaomi toy is a Lego-style digger

The Xiaomi toy digger is undoubtedly inspired by Lego bricks, and in the past we have already seen similar products. The final assembly technology is the same as that of Lego, that is, using bricks that in turn will make up a digger with a captivating but above all unique design thanks to a crawler able to overcome even the obstacles that we would place along the route. The track is made of a special material that guarantees maximum grip on the ground thanks to the non-slip rubber coating.

In the package of the Xiaomi toy digger, there are over 900 polished bricks that will form the 44 x 15 x 15,5 cm sized toy. The gadget can in all respects be considered a collector's item since the Xiaomi digger is able to easily move small objects through its mechanical arm, but no possibility of smart commands. Finally, various national (Chinese) certifications are present.

To get hold of the Xiaomi toy digger, just 199 yuan is required, around 25 euros at current exchange rates, but the sale is only for the Chinese market. We should therefore wait for the import by third-party stores, but Xiaomi may not be able to introduce the product even at our latitudes. Who knows, maybe next Christmas we'll know what to give to our child. Or should I say better give us?

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