Vintage is in fashion with the new Xiaomi powerbank

Just a few days ago we told you about a powerbank of the Xiaomi brand with the ability to warm your hands in the coldest moments of this coming winter. The design of that product was decidedly vintage and it was so successful that the company headed by Lei Jun decided to put on the Youpin counter a new vintage-looking powerbank that does not go unnoticed.

This time we don't have the function of integrated hand warmer but the capacity goes up to 10000 mAh, also improving the aesthetics that recalls a 50 radio, a vintage all rock 'n roll as suggested by the writings on the powerbank case, which praise the Elvis Presley's golden age.


With the 10000 mAh capacity we will be able to charge both smartphones and other gadgets simultaneously thanks to the presence of two USB and ouput ports from 5V / 2.1 A all in a PC + ABS plastic shell that naturally also integrates the powerbank charging port same.

Vintage is in fashion with the new Xiaomi powerbank

To embellish the deisgn we think of a small black and white display on which it is possible to view the status of the vintage gadget's remaining charge at any time. Also with regard to design we find a grid that emulates the speaker of a radio and a fake button that simulates the ignition. 3 are the colors available for this new powerbank, such as black, pink and white, while the price on Youpin is 138 yuan, equal to around 17 euros at current exchange rates.


We do not know if it will ever be officially marketed in Italy, but soon we will definitely see it on alternative stores that also import into our country. So stay connected with our blog e Telegram channel where we daily publish the best offers and coupons of the moment.

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