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ILIFE T20s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaner at 249€ shipping from Europe included!

In the increasingly rich panorama of solutions for automated domestic cleaning, ILIFE stands out again with the launch of its latest model: the floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE T20s. This device promises to revolutionize cleaning routines, combining advanced technology and intuitive features to deliver an unparalleled experience. Let's take a closer look at the features that make the T20s a precious ally in the daily management of the home: 5000 Pa suction power, 260 minute autonomy, automatic emptying station system, LDS navigation, app control, 3,5 liter dust bag - Black



Innovative Design and Intelligent Features

The ILIFE T20s has an elegant and compact design, suitable for sliding under furniture and getting around obstacles with ease. The robot is equipped with an advanced navigation system that uses sophisticated algorithms to map your home environment and plan the most efficient cleaning route. This system guarantees complete coverage of surfaces without neglecting corners and edges.

Powerful Suction and Deep Cleaning

One of the strong points of the T20s is its 5.000Pa suction capacity. Thanks to a powerful motor, the robot is able to remove dirt, dust and debris very effectively. The floor mopping function is equally impressive: an integrated water tank allows the robot to evenly distribute water and detergent, leaving floors not only vacuumed but also sanitized.

Autonomy and Smart Management

The ILIFE T20s is equipped with a long-lasting battery, up to 260 minutes, which allows you to clean large surfaces without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, the robot is easily controlled via a smartphone application that allows users to set cleaning schedules, monitor the robot's status and receive notifications. Compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant makes everyday use even easier.

Simple Maintenance

Maintenance of the T20s has been simplified to ensure a long, trouble-free life of the device. Components such as the brush and filter are easily accessible and replaceable, thus ensuring optimal performance over time. The water tank is also designed to be easily emptied and cleaned.


The floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner iLife T20s is positioned as an excellent choice for those looking for effective help in cleaning the house. With its combination of power, intelligence and functional design, this robot not only saves time but also raises the standard of home cleaning. For those looking for a complete solution that embraces technology and convenience, the T20s could be the robot for you.


ILIFE T20s Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner

249€ 399€
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