Imars Car Starter J06 never walk again for a dead battery!

Who has never happened to ... stay on foot and have to call the wrecker because we forgot the lights on the car. Or simply because the battery died out of the blue (it happened to me the day after mid-August…). In those cases there are two solutions, one economic and the other much less: either you have a friend / relative who can reach you and try the cables (provided that one of the two has them) or you must necessarily call the wrecker with a really important economic outlay. Among other things, the latest generation batteries, it is difficult to start with cables so often the only solution is to spend these 150 € minimum. Indeed, let's say it was the only solution because today there are devices that come to us to solve the problem quickly and at no cost. I'm talking about the Car Starter and specifically today I'll talk about the Imars Car Starter J06!

CONFEZIONE Imars Car Starter J06

The package arrives in a convenient box that contains:

  • Car Jump Starter
  • Cables for connection to the EC5 battery
  • USB charging cable - USB C
  • Comfortable hard carrying bag


Our Imars Car Jump Starter J06 is essentially a 22.000mAh super Power Bank that delivers a peak current of 2A capable of starting even the batteries of the largest cars, trucks, etc. But let's see in detail what it is equipped with:

  • Input for recharging: we find it on the left side at the top and we will need it to recharge our J06. We have the cable that we will have to use with a 5V x 2A charger.
  • USB Output 1: always on the left side, USB output for charging our mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) with a power output of 5V - 2.A.
  • USB Output 2: also this on the left side, USB output equal to 1 but with power output of 5V - 2.4A, 9V - 2A, 12V - 2A.
  • EC5 cable entry: on the right side we will find the entry for the EC5 cable connector, the one that must then be connected to the battery of our car via terminals
  • Led light: placed in front, excellent for working at night, it will allow us to have a perfect view of what we are doing. Using the appropriate key (which we find under the status LED) we can turn it on and off with a long press and change it to two other very convenient flashing configurations to signal our position to the other machines in the dark.
Imars Car Starter J06
  • Status LED: placed above the battery it will indicate the charge status on 5 levels, press it once quickly.
Imars Car Starter J06


Of course not its main use, since there are more capacious power banks and faster recharges for less ... but in case of need, just connect the cable of your phone to one of the two USB outputs to recharge up to about 5 times the your smartphone (considering a 4.500mAh battery). The output I recommend is of course output 2 as it is faster.

USE AS CAR STARTER Imars Car Starter J06

We come to the core of our tool, to start the ko battery of your machine just proceed as follows:

  • Check that our car starter has at least 2 charging LEDs on
  • Connect the terminals of our EC5 cable to the terminals of your battery: the red goes to the red "+" and the black goes to the black "-" (do not make a mistake this connection otherwise you risk doing serious damage)
  • Insert the EC5 connector to our Imars J06
  • Try to start the machine which in 95% of cases will restart
  • If the machine starts, remove the cable from the starter connector
  • Remove the clamps from the battery

If the machine does not start (try to start it for no more than 5 seconds), turn the key to the “off” position and try again, allowing at least a minute to pass.

After starting the machine, wait at least 30 minutes before recharging the starter.


Of course this is a device whose use may never help but in case of need it would surely solve a big problem for us. Being in a place, perhaps far from home, and not being able to leave with your car is really a nuisance (I tell you this from personal experience) and an almost certain economic outlay in the order of 150/200 €. So to evaluate whether it makes sense to buy this Imars J06 the price must obviously be taken into consideration. The price list is around € 120 but thanks to GOOD BANG (which we thank for sending the sample) and you can take our coupon home for less than half price! Under these conditions I feel I can recommend it absolutely, also considering the fact that keeping it in the car you can also use it as an emergency Power Bank for your smartphone. This offer is particularly interesting since the product will be shipped FREE from a warehouse located in Europe, therefore without annoying customs taxes and will be delivered to you in 3 5-days. No problem even for the payment that can be made, to protect your purchase, through PayPal. I just have to leave you the purchase link with its coupon.

Imars Car Starter J06

€56 €120
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs)

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