RedmiBook Pro is coming, the first ultra laptop with Intel Tiger Lake H35 SoC

As you well know, for some years the technological giant Xiaomi has been cimeated, with excellent results, also in the production of notebooks, offering its users a good range of choice, ranging from operations to gaming, always maintaining faith at low costs in reports on the technical specifications and performances offered. Even Redmi, since it has become a real independent brand, has launched a lineup of computer machines, which is now preparing to welcome the new and amazing RedmiBook Pro.

As the name suggests, this is a notebook that promises professional use and will do so effortlessly, thanks to the adoption of Intel's latest creation, the Tiger Lake H35 processor. SoC just presented but that Redmi will integrate as the first OEM in the world on the RedmiBook computer machine, which has yet to be officially presented but which is proposed as one of the lightest and most powerful ultra gaming notebooks on the market.

redmibook pro

RedmiBook Pro is coming, the first ultra laptop with Intel Tiger Lake H35 SoC

The teaser reveals nothing except that a power derived from the new series of processors flows under the body Intel Tiger Lake H35, while as regards the design, we can see a profile with its connection ports, which still recall the look that we have already seen on other notebooks of the brand. In particular, we should compare ourselves with at least three RedmiBook Pro models, which will equip different SoCs, namely:

  • Intel i7-11375H Special Edition
  • Intel i7-11370H
  • Intel i5-11300H

Among these the most powerful of the trio is the model i7-11375H, 8-thread 4-core solution that can reach the extraordinary power of 5.0 GHz with a single core. DDR4-3200 RAM up to 64GB or LPDDR4X-4266 up to 32GB is supported, as well as Thinderbolt 4 and up to 4 PCIe 4.0 lanes. Let's say then, that RedmiBook Pro will be a gaming computer with a business design, pure power and concentrated performance.

We just have to wait for the official presentation of this amazing laptop, although this will almost certainly be exclusive to the Asian market, as happened for many other models, so we will have to proceed with the usual purchasing procedures through third-party stores.


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