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Increase download limit on 3G / LTE network on MIUI V5 - V6 [Help]

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If you have just bought your first Xiaomi phone with Miui ROM, whether it is the well-known Mi3 or the top range Mi4 or the company's older devices such as the Redmi or Hongmi series, you will have found yourself facing a first problem during the download applications, or files within the browser.

In fact, all Xiaomi devices at first boot can not start download, applications, or files larger than 1 MB if you are connected to the data network, but only through Wi-Fi.

This is really a miserable threshold that is set by default on the devices of the Chinese manufacturer and that manages the download of the applications.

However, of course this setting can be varied and here we explain in a brief and simple guide how to modify and increase the 3G / LTE download limit on MIUI in V5 or V6.

  • first you have to go to the download application
  • click on the top right of the gear icon
  • at this point you will find the cursor to use your data


After entering the desired threshold, you will also receive a notification when the file you want to download exceeds the value you have set.

If you want to completely disable the notification and download limit, you can simply change the cursor by entering "unlimited".

At this point, from now on, you will be able to download everything you want on any connection to which you are connected, 3G or 4G (LTE).


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Source: Increase download limit on 3G / LTE network on MIUI V5 - V6 [Help]

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Simone Rodriguez

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