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Insta360 GPS remote control: Review, specifications and price of the new version with GPS, BD and GLONASS support

Beyond the presentation of the new Insta360 X3, Insta360 has announced the new version of the bluetooth GPS remote compatible with its X3, One R and One RS 360 cameras. This new accessory replaces the previous GPS Smart Remote with some interesting improvements.

What's new?

  • Faster, More Powerful GPS: Overlay stats on your videos like speed, elevation, tilt, direction and map.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection to camera: Bluetooth quick capture and wake-up supported.
  • Rugged and waterproof to 5m: IPX8 waterproof for all-weather performance.
  • 2 adjustable straps for mounting on wrist, handlebar, selfie stick, etc.
  • Control multiple cameras simultaneously, including Insta360 X3, ONE R and ONE RS

The most notable of these updates is the GPS overhaul. The new Action Remote now boasts a powerful 3-mode GPS system that uses networks GPS, BD and GLONASS, which improve the speed of locking to satellites and compatibility around the world.

Plus, waterproofing for all-weather performance is a welcome upgrade considering the older model wasn't waterproof at all. ) and there are a few extra features included that caught our eye, most notably the ability to control multiple cameras simultaneously.

Insta360 Remote GPS Watch Bands

Compared with the previous version, the remote control can be fixed on the wrist, selfie stick, handlebar with a rubber strap instead of the rigid clip that yes poco it suited all needs. The pack comes with 2 of different lengths: 14 and 25 cm

How does it work?

By importing your footage into the editing app, statistics can easily be added from the "statistics" function which you will find enabled. It will be enough for you choose which of the information add according to the video and need.

Insta360 remote GPS data overlay

Thanks to the modern graphics, the result will make the video even more captivating and interesting, showing details about the conditions and location at the time of shooting.

The new version of the Insta360 remote control is available on the official website for €83 taking advantage of the summer sales or on Amazon

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