Insta360 ONE X2 the 360 ​​° action cam that looks like a drone | Review

We are living in a historical moment in which images, photos or videos, whatever they are, have become a fundamental tool to express and tell ourselves. Cool new video tools like the Insta360 One X2 they come to our aid to make the most of every moment, whether you are a sportsman, V-logger or creator.

Insta360ONE X2
Free Selfie Stick or Lens Protectors
€440,99 €489,99


Insta360 One X2, like all 360º cameras, has two fisheye lenses. Together they record 5,7K video 30 frames per second (fps) (even shots from 18,4 megapixels) that are combined to create an all-sky video with the ability to be manipulated later to make videos with standard aspect ratio. 

It is very compact, weighs in fact only 149g and measures 46x113x30 mm, Insta360 One X2 has a 1/4 inch thread on the bottom for fixing a tripod while on the side, protected by a flap, there is the USB-C port for charging and a slot for microSD cards. There generous 1.630 mAh battery is removable and lasts about 80 minutes. Everything is well sealed to ensure waterproofness and the IPX8 certification, it can in fact be immersed up to 10 meters without the need for a special case.

I immediately loved the circular touch screen display: it is very bright and responsive in navigating the few but essential menu options. It allows you to easily switch between views from both cameras and all menu options. Being able to see from the perspective of selfies makes this camera suitable for bloggers because you can film yourself and the environment at the same time.

Software and features

The Insta360 One X2 is practical and easy to hold in one hand, but its maximum makes it using a 1.2m selfie stick that is magically deleted from the video providing a third-person perspective or shots worthy of a drone, thanks also to theincredible "FlowState" stabilization which makes any movement fluid even in the most extreme situations.

There are a myriad of modes to choose from and endless editing options, giving you incredible control, but also disorienting. Videos can be captured in 360 °, Steady Cam (for traditional flat videos), InstaPano and MultiView (picture-in-picture), while the extensive editing suite (available for Android, iOS and PC) provides as many tools, from time-lapse and hyperlapse, to still images and the "smart track" function that allows you to select someone's face so that the camera focuses and follows it for the duration of the video. It's really like having a TV crew in tow.

The options and tools available are so many to discourage and excite at the same time. It is therefore important to do some tests to understand which are the best shots that you can use later in post-production.

I also appreciated being able to use the Insta360 One X2 in the direct Facebook and YouTube, which is very rare but also useful for v-loggers and casual users.

The Insta360 One X2 uses a four-way microphone ways to record ambisonic “surround” sound that adapts to 360º video with the alternative of activating wind reduction. It also supports a possible external microphone via adapter and even the ability to combine bluetooth headsets.

Additionally the One X2 can be controlled with voice commands, (unfortunately only in English or Chinese) to record and interrupt videos, take photos or insert a marker in real time to find an important scene.

Insta360 One X2 Offer and Conclusions

The Insta360 One X2 is a fantastic one action-cam with great video quality and incredible versatility. It is certainly more suitable and enjoyable for those who do outdoor sports (skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking) but it is also able to transform a simple walk in the woods or in the city into a professional video.

The only real limit is your imagination.

Starting today and for a few days, the Insta360 ONE X2 (but also the Go2) will be on offer starting from 440 € instead of € 489,99 and you will receive the Selfie Stick or Lens Protectors for free using this link.

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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