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[Guide] How to install Android Oreo on Xiaomi Mi6

Good news for all of you! There Global Beta ROM based on Android O by Xiaomi Mi6 has been released! We thank the developers and beta testers who spend a lot of time and energy to make this wonderful moment happen. Without waiting a moment, download the new ROM package and update yours immediately Xiaomi Mi6 ad Android O.

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Let's not lose ourselves in small talk, let's start immediately!

xiaomi mi6 android oreo guide

* This tutorial is exclusively for Xiaomi Mi6 owners. We recommend that you make a backup before flashing the new ROM. Attention, unlocking the bootloader is required.
Furthermore, we remind you that the Xiaomitoday team is free from any damages, layoffs, exploded terminals, thermonuclear wars and much more ... 🙂

Requirements to update Xiaomi Mi6

  • Xiaomi Mi6;
  • Bootloader unlocked;

* Upgrade to 7.12.14 (Android N) before you can upgrade to 8.1.11 (Android O), in this guide we will explain how to proceed. Also for those using MIUI 9 Global Stable, please update your device to the 7.12.14 Global Beta ROM.


Download the MIUI ROM 7.12.14 (Android N) recovery file on your computer. Rename the downloaded file to “”.



Connect the device to the PC via a USB cable and copy the downloaded and renamed ROM file in the 1 Pass to the root directory of the device's internal memory. (Do not insert it in any folder)


We must enter recovery mode, choose with some method among these listed:

  • Method 1: Launch the "Updater" app you find on your device, click the "..." icon in the top right corner and select "Restart in recovery mode".
  • Method 2: Turn off your device and hold down the Volume + button and the Power button at the same time.

xiaomi mi6 android oreo guide


In recovery mode, you can use Volume +/- to operate the up / down controls and the power button to give "ok". Initially choose the language you use, select “Install” on “System One” and confirm. The device will start updating automatically. Wait for the update to complete, then select “Restart System One”. Upon restart, the new MIUI version will be present.

xiaomi mi6 android oreo guide


Go in the Updater app that you find on your Xiaomi smartphone and perform the OTA update to Android Oreo.

Let us know your opinion on the new version MIUI based on Android Oreo! Obviously only if you are a possessor of Xiaomi Mi6... 🙂


Kevin Nicola Crisanti

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5 years ago

But it's been a lifetime since my Mi6 upgraded via OTA to the Oreo-based MIEM