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Install Updated EMUI 3.0 + GAPPS for Huawei Honor 6 (H60-L12)

If you want to manually upgrade your Honor 6, follow this mini-guide.

Downloads & Links:

From here, take the ROM: Linkgo to the H60-L12 Post. Otherwise you risk downloading the wrong ROM. I recommend you download the latest version with the text in parentheses (Stable)

You will also need HiSuite, a program that will also give you drivers once installed. LINK

And finally, the Petteri ToolKit needed to install the CWM, then the gapps, and then return to the Recovery stock. LINK

Here are the GAPPS for Android 4.4: Link

Additionally, if you have not already done so, follow the bootloader help guide, which will help you to install the recovery. Link

Installation Guide:

  1. Once you download the ROM, you will be presented with a RAR file, open it and extract the dload files in the root of the Honor 6 memory.
  2. At this point, turn off the device, and hold down the keys Volume - Volume + and Power key at the same time until ROM installation starts.
  3. With Petteri's ToolKit, you must install the Recovery CWM. Once again, once downloaded, extract the folder "Huawei Honor 6 Update". In the meantime, go to the Info on the phone, look for the voice Serial number, and tap on it until it tells you that you've become a developer. Go back and the voice will appear "Developer Options", Go over it and turn on USB debugging. Reconnect the Honor 6 to the PC, and when you will see a window with "Allow USB Debugging"Checkmark"Always allow this computer"And then tap on Ok.
  4. Go to the toolkit folder, then on CWM-Stock recovery Honor 6 and open the recovery file - копия.bat. This window will appear in the command prompt.recovery
  5. What you have to do is type the number 1 on the prompt, press enter and then press a random key on the keyboard to confirm. If everything is done correctly the device will restart and the CWM will be installed.
  6. Move the ZIP file with the GAPPS in Honor 6. Turn off the device, and simultaneously press the Volume + and Power buttons. You will enter the CWM Recovery. Moving with the Volume keys, go to "Install zip", "choose zip from / sdcard", "0 /" and then search for the ZIP file. There is no need to reboot.
  7. The last step will be to reinstall the stock recovery for OTA updates. Then, open the Petteri toolkit, however, instead of pressing 1, press 2. The rest is the same procedure. And here's the EMUI 3.0 updated to the latest version with GAPPS. ;)

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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