How to install the TWRP recovery and get the ROOT on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S comes at the right time, with a notable upgrade over the previous model. The news is not just: improved camera, wireless charging and new processor. It is the best that Xiaomi can offer you at the moment and it does it as usual at a really hot price. But I bet if you are here it is because you have already bought this little gem. What about having some fun together? We have to start from the base, that is, install TWRP and carry out the ROOT. Everything will be done with a simple tool designed and tested by MIUIers like us.

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* At the moment you can root using SuperSU or Magisk using the unofficial TWRP for Mi MIX 2s (waiting for the official version). We pray to carry out the steps very carefully, respecting all the required requirements. We also remind you that the Xiaomitoday team is free from any damage, layoffs, exploded terminals, thermonuclear wars and much more ... 🙂

ROOT & TWRP on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S with a simple tool


  • Bootloader unlocked; [GUIDA]
  • Usb cable;
  • Disable driver signing verification on Windows; [GUIDA]
  • Battery at least at 50%



First enable USB Debugging, then go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging and click Enable. (If you haven't turned on Developer options, go to Settings> About phone> tap MIUI version 7 times> You are now developer)


Download and install "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" on your pc. While "Dm-verity and Forced 6.0 Encryption Disabler" and SuperSU or Magisk (according to your preferences) are to be downloaded and placed in the directory of your device.


Connect the device to the PC / Laptop in your possession.

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial

Start the "ifelixit FLASHER TOOLKIT polaris.bat" file


Download and extract the zip file "Toolkit ifelixit" on your pc. Open the .batch file that is inside it as an administrator.


Now a menu appears with the commands to be started. Choose the "1" item to select "Flash Unofficial TWRP Recovery for Mi 2S" and follow the instructions on the screen.

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial


Then, the tool will check if you have correctly followed the "requirements" previously requested.


Once the recovery flash is complete, it will reboot into it asking if you want to allow changes to the system. Scrolling to the right will activate dm-verity! Proceed.

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial


Now let's run the root. Flashas in recovery one of the two .zip files previously chosen and inserted in the directory: SuperSU or Magisk. Then it also installs the XMUMX Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler file

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial

Install, through the TWRP recovery, the file you chose between SuperSU and Magisk. Next, the "Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler 6.0" package is flasked.


Restart the terminal. You have completed everything! Compliments!

xiaomi mix me 2s root twrp guide miui tutorial

Compliments! TWRP and ROOT completed!


For those using the China Stable / Developer ROM, Google services are not pre-installed. We have also thought about this, here is a method that you can use to install them on your Xiaomi.

How to install the GAPPS in the MIUI based on Android Oreo

And now that custom rom will you install on your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?
Basically, have one recovery modified on your device is essential. Even if you do not need it immediately to make changes or anything else, it can always be useful to restore your smartphone or tablet.
If this guide was useful or you liked it, share it with the keys located below. Greetings from the staff of Xiaomitoday



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