Install the Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE without root

Despite the huge and conspicuous efforts made by Xiaomi on the photographic sector of their devices there is always someone who does not remain satisfied and who seeks perfection, forgetting that it is still smartphones and not professional cameras. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it has a very good hardware and at a photographic level it doesn't hurt badly, although without Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it cannot be defined as a real camera-phone yet, because at software level maybe something is missing and therefore in the rescue comes the wonderful world of modding.

In many articles and guides we told you about the Google Camera and the benefits it brings, at least at the photo level, allowing access to pro modes such asHDR + or to portrait mode, which have literally bewitched millions of users and are a trademark for Big G devices, but also the recent one Night Sight. As you will know the modding allowed to port this application which in some cases has given new life to the smartphone on which it is installed, but the price to pay is to perform operations that for some users are pure fantasy.

Install the Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE without root

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We must therefore make a proper applause Ukrainian developer BSG who managed to carry out the port of the Google Camera also for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, which does not require any bootloader unlocking, root or strange permissions, since the smartphone already has the Camera2 API. In fact, just install the application as a normal APK and start enjoying the features offered by the Google Camera. Of course some bugs are not exempt, the classics we are used to, namely the failure of the Smart Burst function and the Slow Motion but the most important functions are fully functional, such as the portrait mode, HDR + and video recording, as well as the Night Sight Mode.

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I don't work the swith between the rooms (normal, wide-angle, telephoto)

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