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IT Wallet: there is finally an official date, but it is not the one announced

We have already seen what is IT Wallet, how it works and what are the benefits of a digital wallet for Italian citizens. It was previously announced that it would arrive during 2024, specifically in the summer. Today The Sun 24 hours announced that, in reality, IT Wallet has a release date which does not match the one communicated days ago.

IT Wallet: here is the official release date of the digital wallet

The It Wallet will be officially launched in January 2025, but already from the summer of 2024 it will be possible to access preliminary versions of fundamental documents such as health cards, driving licenses and disability cards. The period preceding the launch will be dedicated to one test phase to guarantee the functionality and security of the application, which will be integrated into theMe app, already known to users for the management of other digital functions related to public services.

This system not only promises to simplify citizens' daily interaction with the state but also to improve the efficiency of Public Administration. Digital documents will reduce bureaucracy and waiting times, facilitating processes such as identity verification or access to specific services both in Italy and abroad.

This innovation is part of a broader initiative at European level, known as European Digital Identity Wallet, which aims to integrate and make interoperable i digital identity systems of various countries by 2026.

La safety is a fundamental component of this project. Access to services requiring greater security will be guaranteed through advanced authentication mechanisms, such as Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or it SPID (Public Digital Identity System). Users will have the ability to control what personal data they share and with whom, while maintaining a high level of privacy protection.

The introduction of the IT Wallet represents a significant step in Italy's modernization and its commitment to digitalisation

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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