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iZEEKER iA100 – Is it the BEST budget action camera in 2024?

The iZEEKER iA100 action camera promises to offer a myriad of features, designed to capture life's most exciting moments with unrivaled clarity and detail. Today we'll delve deeper into the product's capabilities, examining its specs, performance, and whether it's worth purchasing.


Our iZEEKER iA100, like all the brand's action cameras, offers a truly complete sales package, therefore further savings for you as you will not have to shell out additional euros for the purchase of additional accessories. Specifically, what you will find inside the sales box can cover most of the uses you will make of the action camera, such as anchoring to helmets, to the handlebars of the bike/motorcycle etc.. in addition to the presence of a remote control for remote control of the camera, two batteries with relative charger to charge them simultaneously, the case for diving up to 40 meters and an additional plastic camera frame for attaching to a selfie stick, but also lots of attachments.


From a construction point of view, the iZEEKER iA100 offers a body completely made of plastic that is a little cheap to the touch but overall resistant to small bumps and scratches. I appreciated the lower part of the battery compartment door which offers a release opening system reinforced by a small spring but unfortunately there is no screw attachment for anchoring to selfie sticks or rods in general, a solution that becomes possible thanks to the using the frame camera supplied. The presence of the diving case allows you to take the action camera up to 40 meters of depth without risk of damage but a specific function for diving is not available at the software level, in the sense that the color profile will be the same for every diving situation. registration.

On the upper profile we find the photo and video shooting button which also performs the action confirmation function when navigating the system menus and then the on/off button which also performs the menu function. The microphone is found on the side profile accompanied by a small speaker and menu navigation buttons which, if pressed in photo/video capture mode, allow you to activate Wi-Fi for control from the app or to enable the loop recording mode.

As regards the microphone, the latter was rather efficient in capturing audio but nothing sensational. Specific audio functions such as wind noise reduction are absent. Finally, always on the side frame we find a door that hides the micro USB input inside for charging or for connecting to a PC, the mini HDMI input for connecting external monitors or for direct connection to a TV for direct viewing. what is recorded on the large screen and finally the micro SD memory slot.


Our iZEEKER iA100 offers a single 2-inch touch-type rear display, whose visibility under direct sunlight was more than sufficient to manage what we want to immortalize. The scrolling fluidity is good and through swipes or touches we could manage all the functions without having to resort to using the physical buttons. For example, we can change modes between photos and videos, or recall the photo recording and capture modes and view what has been captured.


I don't know exactly the technical characteristics of the iZEEKER iA100, as well as the optics used except for the viewing angle which goes up to 170°, but considering the economic nature of the product I don't expect very high quality components. However, I can tell you that the chip used allows videos to record up to 4K 30fps but without the possibility of using electronic stabilization which instead can be used up to a value of 2.7K 30 fps although the advice is to use the 1080p 60fps value for greater image fluidity. There is also the possibility of capturing in slow motion or time lapse, as well as taking burst or timed photos, which specifically reach a maximum resolution of 20 MP.

The action cam software is almost entirely in Italian, in fact there are some translation errors, but still well organized through two main menus where we find functions to correct the white balance, exposure compensation, sharpness and ISO, but also the possibility of applying some filters in real time. The menus flow quite smoothly and the same goes for the main screen.


iZEEKER iA100 allows you to capture photos and videos in an easy and immediately shareable way and the integration of Wi-Fi and remote control functionality should improve overall usability. But without beating around the bush too much, this is where we find this action camera insufficient and definitely not recommended. First of all, the application, available for both Android and iOS, once downloaded and installed on the smartphone does not allow you to pair the action camera in any way. Overlooking this aspect in terms of quality for both photos and videos, my opinion is absolutely negative, because the colors overall appear mixed, too saturated and tending towards blue and despite the possibility at software level of setting some parameters, the result ending does not change.

Details are missing and then stabilization seems non-existent. Considering that these opinions come from daytime use, imagine what the result could be in conditions where the lighting is not favourable. Unfortunately, not even post production helps. In short, this iZEEKER iA100 cannot in any way be used for truly "action" scenes or even for quieter scenes. Finally, another very serious thing is the lack of synchrony between audio and video.

example PHOTO AT 20MP


The fact of having two batteries in the package is a point in favor of the iZEEKER iA100, if we then add that we also have a charger available that allows you to recharge the batteries at the same time and therefore effectively enjoy double autonomy, brings the judgment of this room at top levels, but only for this aspect. We are talking about two 1050 mAh batteries, which individually offer a recording autonomy of up to 60 minutes, eliminating the anxiety of running out of charge, but perhaps you will experience anxiety when using the action camera, for the performance and not for autonomy.


The low cost and the consistent supply of accessories would lead one to think that the iZEEKER iA100 is a formidable competitor in the market of cheap action cameras but, net of what has been said, I would not recommend this product even to those who want to enter this world. In any case, if you really don't want to listen to me and still find the product interesting, you can purchase it directly on Amazon with Prime shipping, via the box you find at the beginning and end of the review.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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