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Jimmy AF3 the air fryer that also doubles as a grill!

The air fryer has now become an essential tool in the kitchen of all cooking lovers. The ease of use of this tool is truly incredible, and even for people like me, who are not very familiar with the art of cooking, having one solves many problems and very quickly. From heating bread, to brioche, to cooking any food without oil and therefore in a healthy way without having to heat an entire oven, perhaps for two slices of bread. Today I want to talk to you about a very particular model, the first I've seen of its kind, the Jimmy AF3 an air fryer that also becomes a convenient grill. Let's see its features.


The package will arrive well packaged in an external box which will contain the original one and inside you will find:

  • Jimmy AF3 fryer
  • Glass basket
  • Crisp plate
  • Grill
  • Glass lid for grill pan
  • Instruction booklet in Italian


Aesthetically nothing to say, a step forward compared to all the others I've seen. Let's say that the structure, which will serve its dual use, helps a lot to make it particularly "cool". In fact, we find the two lateral supports, on which the main body rotates, which stand out and make it unique in its genre. The colour, black and white, will easily match any color of your kitchen and the transparent glass basket is truly beautiful as is the black grill pan with the transparent glass lid. It is obvious that tastes are very personal, but I think that from an aesthetic point of view it is difficult to make any comments on it. The compact dimensions are: 31 x 27 x 29 (height) cm and the maximum power output of 1100w.


I think we all know the classic operation of an air fryer, the set temperature in the basket will immediately reach full speed and we will be able to cook many different foods or simply heat them after having already cooked them. Unlike the microwave oven, here we will be able to put all the foods, especially those that are contraindicated for microwaves, certainly more suitable for defrosting and heating than for cooking.

Our Jimmy AF3 It can be used both as a classic one air fryer That like grill plate or cook in a classic way, let's see how. The default mode, to be clear when you take it out of the box, is air fryer. This way you can use the glass basket to put the food to cook. In this mode there will be no differences from other fryers. If you want to use it as a grill or for cooking in a classic way (as you do in a pan) you will simply have to remove the glass basket, press the release button on the right support and rotate the main body towards you. In this way you will see the part above where there is the coil, which will heat up when active, where you will have to place the grill with the food to be cooked. much more complicated to write than to do. Here is an explanatory video:


The touch display is located at the base of the fryer, has white backlighting and will allow us to carry out all the functions of our device. It is essentially divided into 2: on the left of the handle we have the time and temperature adjustment while on the right the start/stop of the program and all the pre-installed programs that we can use based on the foods to be cooked.


To manually set the time and temperature of your cooking, simply press on more and on less of the display to the left of the handle. To switch from temperature to time display, and vice versa, you must press the "" button.Temp/Time“. Above the keys the display will alternate these 2 values ​​which you can modify, as already mentioned, with the plus and minus keys. Once you have set your favorite parameters, simply click on the "start" button which you will find on the right and the fryer will start. Once started there is no button to pause it, the only way to pause the countdown is to remove the basket. In this mode the writing “ will not appearFLIP” or the warning to remove the food and turn it to obtain more even cooking. This warning, combined with an acoustic beep, will only be active with certain pre-set programs and will occur approximately halfway through cooking.


There are 7 preset programs and they can only be partially modified. We find:

  • Chips
  • Baking
  • Chicken wings
  • Dehydration
  • Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Carne
  • do-it-yourself

This table contains all the cooking parameters.

N.RecipeVolumeDefault temperatureAdjustable temperatureDefault time (minimum)Adjustable time (minimum)Flip or not
2Baking/15050–200221–45DO NOT
3chicken wings300Gr20050–200201–45SI
4Dehydrated/7050–803 HOURS3-8 HOURSDO NOT
6Shrimp200Gr20050–20081–45DO NOT
7Carne 130Gr20050–200121–45SI
Default temperature
Adjustable temperatureDefault time (minimum)Adjustable time (minimum)Flip or not

As you can easily imagine from these tables, in the case of air frying all the programs will be usable while in the case of frying or grilling with a grill pan only some programs will be settable. In general I have always used manual temperatures and times, although I am not an expert chef... but in the end it is always useful to check manually based on the food you are working with. These times/temperatures are obviously statistical and often not precise for these macro categories of foods. To give you a simple example, the cooking time and temperature of one meat compared to another is absolutely variable without talking about personal tastes on the degree of doneness. So my advice is to always take these values ​​with a pinch of salt.


I already have experience with other classic fryers and I can assert that with the Jimmy AF3 the times must be slightly extended. If with the others I heated my bread in 2 minutes at 190° with the Jimmy I have to leave it for 3 minutes to obtain the same result. This perhaps depends on the hermetic closure I had on the others while here it seems to me that the basket closing system may be less hermetic. This is a simple feeling of mine not supported by facts, as I don't feel any air coming out even in the area of ​​the gasket that closes the basket. The fact remains that in my tests I have to maintain a slightly higher cooking time. Regarding the result, the food is cooked well and the fact of being able to see the cooking status also based on the color is a plus that cannot be ignored. poco. In fact, it will not be necessary to remove the basket often to check if we are exaggerating because thanks to the glass of the basket we will be able to ascertain this visually. Only detail, not from poco, which I advise you to take into consideration is the capacity which is only 4L. So if you live alone or at most 2 people it makes sense to have such a small fryer. Otherwise I advise you to go for something larger otherwise cooking and eating together could become a problem.


As always, the quality of the product is related to the selling price. There Jimmy AF3 costs €129 on AMAZON and you can certainly find even larger products at much lower prices. Let's say that Jimmy, the Xiaomi ecosystem, as a brand is a guarantee of quality and for this reason we can also rest assured about the long-term resistance of the product. Let's add the grill pan with its glass lid, the double possibility of use, a certainly particular and innovative design and at this point I feel like saying that the price is absolutely worth the product. So, if you are looking for an air fryer my advice is to consider this Jimmy AF3.

Jimmy AF3 air fryer

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8.5 Total score
Cool !

Functional and aesthetically stunning!

  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Perfect control display
  • Glass basket so you can see the cooking
  • Dual use, air fryer and grill
  • Poco capacious
  • Impossible to use the 2 functions simultaneously
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