Jimmy JV85 Review - Cheaper than the PRO version but same efficiency

We have seen many of Jimmy brand products here on the blog and on the YouTube channel and over time we have learned to appreciate their quality but above all we have understood that the trend of the company in the last period is to bring to the market the same model with different configurations, a bit like what happens with smartphones, thus proposing a top-of-the-range solution to be accompanied by a standard variant and in some cases even a Lite model. So, after having already told you about the innovative Jimmy JV85 Pro electric broom, which stands out for the adoption of an extension tube that can be bent 90 degrees, today we bring to your attention the JV85 model, which slightly loses power. , some accessories but does not give up performance efficiency net of a list price, about 120 euros lower than the Pro model.

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199,00 € 229,00 €
Jimmy JV85 Review - Cheaper than the PRO version but same efficiency

First of all we remind you that Jimmy is a partner company of Xiaomi, as a guarantee on the quality / price ratio and the JV85 model is no exception, offering a range of accessories more than sufficient to carry out the daily household cleaning tasks, giving up only to the more particular ones and that few people might use. Overall, therefore, the equipment includes brushes and spears that will allow you to reach the blind and most difficult areas of furniture, armchairs and floors and specifically in the sales package we find the following accessories:

  • Motorized head;
  • Roller brush;
  • Motorized anti-mite mini head with dedicated brush;
  • 2 in 1 crevice tool;
  • 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle;
  • Extension tube;
  • Wall bracket for charging;
  • Battery charger with proprietary connection;
  • Multilingual instruction booklet and guarantee;

A first substantial difference compared to the older sister, we find it in the color, which in the case of the JV85 adopts elements in blue.As happened for the Pro model, for this Jimmy JV85, the engineers of the brand have completely redesigned this new electric broom, while maintaining faith to the good we had already been able to appreciate with the previous models. We find a modern design, almost futuristic but above all very nice. Above all we note a good assembly of the plastics, of excellent workmanship, which play a leading role in the use of the materials that make up this JV85. The typical interlocking mechanism allows you to assemble and disassemble the accessories supplied in a very simple and rapid way, but immediately we can see a great novelty and revolution.

jimmy jv85

In fact, the tank of this JV85 goes from a capacity of 0,5 liters of past generations to a capacity of 0,6 liters, but above all it has been arranged horizontally rather than vertically. This allows an even easier emptying of the container without having to get your hands dirty, simply by pressing a little pressure on the lever dedicated to opening the cap. But the study that led to this arrangement actually leads us to another novelty, which is one of the strengths of this electric broom.

jimmy jv85

We are talking about the patented Horizontal Cyclone technology, a technology that increases air speed and eliminates possible obstructions, increasing filtration efficiency by extending the life of the product, coupled with the Dual Cyclonic one, which manages to filter even more efficiently than current technologies, capable of capturing and retaining up to 99.99% of particles from 0.3 microns upwards.

On the terminal of the tank / filter block, we find the further presence of the HEPA filter, which can be removed by simply rotating the block to which it is placed. In fact, another strong point of Jimmy JV85, but in general of all the products of the brand, is the possibility of disassembling any type of element that makes up the gadget, to be washed and sanitized for a next use. We can even extract the battery, which basically leads to a double advantage, that is the use of a second unit if you have to clean a very large room or the total replacement if problems related to autonomy and operation in general are identified.

And while we are talking about autonomy, one of the points that always makes us discuss about this kind of products related to wireless home cleaning. In the case of Jimmy JV85, thanks to a 7-cell 2500 mah lithium battery, which allows you to record a maximum range of 60 minutes.

A decidedly considerable time but which in real life is difficult to equalize, first of all because the declared time is obtained by using only non-motorized accessories but above all because this implies the use of the minimum suction power (ECO mode), generally acceptable for offices or second homes, in short, where everyday life is not lived. In real life, where you certainly cannot do without the motorized brush, the values ​​I obtained are 45 minutes at minimum power, 20 minutes with the average power (the TURBO mode which is the one we will use in 95%. that the vacuum cleaner always starts in this mode) and finally 11 minutes of autonomy at maximum power (MAX mode). However, these values ​​are in line with what the market offers us with similar models. No improvement as regards the recharge which takes from 4,5 to 5 hours in addition to the fact that the battery, despite being removable, must necessarily be anchored to the electric broom and therefore to the wall support. It is not possible to connect the broom or the battery directly to the power outlet.

After having talked to you about the efficiency in terms of autonomy, I want to conclude the examination of the product by showing you another gem made available by Jimmy JV85 and that we hardly find in competitor products, namely the presence of an LCD display on the sleeve, which will provide us valuable information on the residual charge status of the battery (also in the charging phase) as well as view the cleaning program we are using. Another novelty concerns the handle, which stands out from the competition because it adopts an arched design unlike the classic pistol and this allows greater comfort and ergonomics during the cleaning phase, which combined with the low weight of the motor body, or 1,46, XNUMX kg without brushes and the excellent weight balance in general, make the use of the vacuum cleaner very comfortable, avoiding to tire the user.

jimmy jv85

The study for the design of this Jimmy JV85, also led to review the design of the brush, which now avoids the twisting of pet hair and / or hair around the motorized roller, but unfortunately we do not have the right for this model too. presence of comfortable LEDs on the brush, which would have helped in cleaning the dark areas under the sofas and / or furniture.

jimmy jv85

But let's get to the point, that is the cleaning performance that this electric broom offers by means of a powerful 500W brushless motor capable of delivering a suction power of 185 AirWatt at 100000 rpm, or with Jimmy JV85 you just need to make a single pass to clean a dirty area. As already mentioned, we have 3 different suction modes available, which in the case of choosing the most powerful will emit a noise of 82 dB, perhaps a little high compared to the standards but never annoying, which can be selected using the button on the handle, next to the ignition handle.

jimmy jv85

General house cleaning takes place smoothly and net of the lack of some accessories, instead present on the Pro model, we are still able to guarantee without effort, the cleaning of floors, sofas, mattresses, car seats, furniture, etc. nozzles or the anti-mite brush, which becomes essential if you suffer from minor allergies.

The only defect, which for many could be decisive in the choice of this or other models, is the fact that we are unable to act on carpets, whether they are long or short-haired, or doormats. Finally, it should be noted the absence of apps dedicated to the product, on the one hand a good because it simplifies the use without having to turn to the smartphone, on the other it would have made the difference as well as the happiness of the most nerdy, who maybe could have had details in more about the history of cleaning, maintenance etc ..

3 year WARRANTY | Fast and free shipping from Italy
199,00 € 229,00 €
Jimmy JV85 Review - Cheaper than the PRO version but same efficiency


Jimmy JV85 compared to the Pro variant, is configured more like a normal vacuum cleaner although the study in the design and the addition of some goodies make it in a certain sense unique in its kind. It is true we lose some accessories and the benefit of using the 90 ° folding extension rod, but we also have a much lower price which goes to 199 euros on the official store, subject to availability. We have the advantage of a removable and therefore replaceable battery, the possibility of disassembling and sanitizing every accessory and part of the electric broom but above all a cleaning efficiency that does not clash with respect to the Pro variant or even less than direct and perhaps more famous competitors.

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8.6 Total score

Jimmy JV85, compared to the Pro model, eliminates the presence of some accessories and is less "powerful" in terms of technical specifications, but overall the cleaning result is satisfying and satisfying just like its big sister. Zero sacrifices instead of the design study that was the Pro model, net of benefits such as excellent manageability. Saving over € 100 over the Jimmy JV85 Pro, the JV85 is promoted with flying colors.

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