Kingsmith Xiaojin is Xiaomi's new crowdfunding treadmill

We are used to products of all kinds by Xiaomi, which uses its own crowdfunding platform to offer often revolutionary and highly innovative goodies. This could also be the case, as in a few hours the Chinese company has decided to finance a treadmill with multiple smart features and that responds to the name of Kingsmith Xiaojin.

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Already in the past the company of Lei Jun had fascinated us with a treadmill with a more classic style, such as the Walking Pad Mini subsequently landed also on another well known crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but the new Kingsmith Xiaojin is decidedly more professional thanks to much larger sizes. We do not have a support handlebar but a dashboard with a digital display that shows the speed and other settings related to that moment and touch controls that can also be replaced by integration with a smartphone and the MIJIA application.

Kingsmith Xiaojin is Xiaomi's new crowdfunding treadmill

The new Xiaomi-funded treadmill offers a racing experience very similar to that on the road. A strong point, despite the generous dimensions of 1140 x 828 x 1420 mm, is that these can be significantly reduced thanks to a folding mechanism, so as to occupy less spation when unused.

At the moment no further rumors emerge, but the product will be available in China from December 25 with a price of 1899 yuan, equivalent to about 273 at the current exchange rate. Unfortunately, as you know, the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi is not accessible to shipments in our beautiful apese and we do not know if this product will be proposed outside the Asian market, but if it becomes, we invite you to follow our Telegram channel e Facebook page . so you do not lose all the appropriate offers at the most advantageous price.

-31% Kingsmith Xiaojin is Xiaomi's new crowdfunding treadmill

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