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Kukirin V1 Pro Electric Bike at €559 fast shipping included!

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are at the center of attention, the electric bicycle Kukirin V1 Pro emerges as an innovative and cutting-edge solution for urban mobility. This article explores the distinctive characteristics of this means of transport, highlighting the reasons why it could represent an ideal choice for those looking for an ecological and practical alternative to traditional means of transport: 20-inch tyres, 48V engine, 350W, maximum speed 45 km/h, 7,5 Ah battery, 45 km range, Maximum load 120 kg, Double disc brake + electric brake with front basket and rear luggage rack

Kukirin V1 Pro


Modern Design and Functionality

The Kukirin V1 Pro immediately stands out for its modern and attractive design. Built with light but resistant materials, such as aeronautical aluminium, the bicycle guarantees uncompromising robustness. The folding frame is one of the most appreciated features, making this bike easily transportable and perfect for those who need to move around the city with frequent changes of transport, such as trains or buses.

Power and Autonomy

The electric motor of the Kukirin V1 Pro offers a power of 500W, capable of tackling even the steepest climbs with ease and maintaining a comfortable cruising speed on flat terrain. The 48V lithium battery guarantees a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes and long journeys without the worry of having to recharge frequently.

Braking and Safety System

Safety is a fundamental aspect in any means of transport, and the Kukirin V1 Pro is no exception. It is equipped with a double disc braking system, front and rear, which ensures a quick and effective response in any condition. Furthermore, the presence of both front and rear LED lights increases night visibility, further improving safety while driving.

Comfort and Accessories

As for comfort, the Kukirin V1 Pro is equipped with front suspension that effectively absorbs irregularities in the terrain, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride. The ergonomic seat is designed to offer maximum comfort even during longer journeys.

The bike also features a multifunction LCD display, which allows you to monitor speed, distance travelled, battery level and other useful information while riding. Another very practical accessory is the rear luggage rack, ideal for carrying small loads or shopping.

Connectivity and Technology

Another innovative feature of the Kukirin V1 Pro is its connectivity. Thanks to the dedicated app, it is possible to connect the bicycle to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This feature allows you to customize driving settings, monitor performance in real time and receive notifications regarding maintenance.


In conclusion, the electric bicycle Kukirin V1 Pro It represents an excellent option for those looking for an efficient, ecological and practical transport solution. With its elegant design, advanced technical features and focus on safety and comfort, this bike is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding urban cyclists. Choosing the Kukirin V1 Pro means investing in a greener future and a superior driving experience.


Kukirin V1 Pro Electric Bike

559€ 749€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: Kukirin
Model: V1 Pro (20″)
Color: Black
Basic SpecificationNet weight: 21,2 kg
Dimensions when open: 1450x570x1130 mm
Frame size: 20″ 
Handlebar length: 570mm
Seat height (from the ground): 680mm-920mm
Maximum bike load: 120kg
Cutting speed: 45km/h 
Maximum range: 45 km (assisted mode)
Pedal assistance levels: 25/35/45 km/h
Waterproof level: IP54
Material: aluminum alloy 
Brake system: front and rear disc brakes + E brake
The engineNominal power and voltage: 350W, 48V
Maximum instantaneous power: 725 W
Maximum RPM: 490
Maximum output torque: 35Nm
BatteryCapacity: 7,5 Ah
Voltage: 48 V
Charging time: 6 hours
Power capacity: 360 Wh
Protection system: Yes
ChargerInput: 100~240V, ≤2A
Output: 48V, 1,5A
TyresBrand: KuKirin
Dimensions: 20″x2.125″
Type: Steel Wire Rubber Tires
Tire pressure: 35-40PSI
ScreenDimensions: 6 cm x 3,5 cm
Type: LCD
Information: speed, battery level, distance traveled/odometer, 
function: on/off, light on/off, assisted change levels
PackageSize: x 1220 250 630 mm x
Gross weight: 26,65 kg
Package List1XBasket 1XSaddle 1XFront Fender 1XCharger 2XPedal Kit 1XtoolInstruction Manual 1X LED Light 1X1 Quick Release Wrench

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