The 3 Mi Mix Night Mode will also hit Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which debuts today in the UK

As you well know today 8 November 2018, Xiaomi will officially debut on the UK market, and for this occasion will support two interesting smartphones, such as the Mi 8 Lite and the Mi 8 Pro (as we had anticipated in this article). The confirmations of all this come directly from the company, and in this case by Mr. Donovan Sung, who through some posts on various social networks Facebook and Instagram confirmed the debut of such terminals focusing in particular on the model Mi 8 Pro, which apparently turns out to be the European version of the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, so that the same will be marketed with transparent back cover.

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Published by Donovan Sung su Thursday November 8 2018

Well, but things get even more interesting for Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, as it adds to the list of devices that should receive the software-level upgrade of Night mode seen on the camera of the Mi Mix 3. In fact if previously it was the same Lei Jun to reveal to us that Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S would receive the update, by virtue of the sharing of the same sensors between the two devices and Mi Mix 3, this time it is the analysis of the internal firmware of Mi 8 Pro to reveal this interesting novelty.

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The 3 Mi Mix Night Mode will also hit Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which debuts today in the UK

Recall that the Night mode allows you to take good quality photographs even in low light conditions. Especially with the help of technology (HDR, OIS and AIS) multiple shots are made at different exposures that will be combined in a single photo, eliminating in an incredible way the background noise. Returning to our Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, it is unclear at the moment whether the inclusion of the new photographic feature is available only at the China or Global level, but reportedly the (Chinese) users should find the pleasant surprise since the release of this week's beta.

We just have to wait confidently and find out what other news Xiaomi has reserved for its users for debut on the UK market. Probably you do not give a damn or maybe, and in this case you can enjoy the live streaming of the launch event by clicking on the Youtube banner above.

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[...] mode announced in conjunction with the presentation of the Mi MIX 3 last 27 October that would also arrive on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. Well, apparently this mode will also be available on the "older" Xiaomi [...]

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